Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Heavy and tender sadgaze from Vancouver BC.


Cascadia takes inspiration from sounds as diverse as the Melvins, Polvo, and Swirlies to create a distinct form of sludgy and pensive shoegaze.  Marked by intricate guitar riffs, pummelling bass and drums, and restrained vocals, Cascadia has been compared to "Mazzy Star on Adderall" in Vice Magazine and has been called by The Big Takeover to hit "a timeless sweet spot where punk and shoegaze collide".

Following a digital release of EP Glue, an EP on casette tape titled Conditionally released on Green Burrito Records, Cascadia release the 7 inch EP Level Trust in March 2013.  In promotion of Level Trust, Cascadia completed a month long US in Spring 2013 with fellow West Coast grunge band Weed.

Fall 2014 will see the release of their first full-length LP, Weighted.


Level Trust 7" March 2013
Released by Crusing USA

Conditionally CS October 2012
Released by Green Burrito Tapes

Glue(demo) March 2011

Set List

Can range from 15-45 minutes depending on time allowance/crowd demand!