Case Closed

Case Closed

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

New Jersey proves to yet again produce another exciting, new band. This time with a refreshing take on pop music. Case Closed is four friends friends who love what they do. Their unique dual vocals and influences like Brand New, TBS, 90s alternative is what sets them apart from the rest.


Four high school best friends formed Case Closed in May of 2010. After a few short months of recording, and demoing new material, praise began to build around their distinctive indie-pop sound.

In the fall of 2010, the band was featured on Radio104.5s Live at 5. The feature helped to create a buzz, and raised demand for their 3-song E.P. that would soon follow. The E.P., titled This is Bad. That was Terrible, was recorded with friend/mentor Nik Bruzzesse of Man Overboard (Rise Records), and was released November of 2010. The E.P. was a success among their new fans, and helped to increase even more demand for the release of their upcoming debut album.

Case Closed released their debut album entitled Clouds produced by Jesse Cannon (Saves The Day, Say Anything) in April of 2011. Their debut single, Breathe Slow, received a ton of attention through Jango Internet radio, and has since been downloaded over 500 times. A radio release of A Tribute to a Man and his Orange Juice as a second single from the album is planned for early 2012.



Written By: Case Closed

We spent tonight on the street shaking in the cold while the city turns beneath our feet. You better break all your plans tonight arrange a late night tongue fight. Ditch all our rain soaked clothes and I'll hit the lights.

It feels like the first time we got it on tonight
And for the first time feels like you're mine tonight.

We spent today on the beach sunburn, cigarettes, and three beers a piece. We watched the tide roll in and I feel like the sunlight feels right ditch our phones and friends till we get back tonight.

My head on your chest late night on your mattress, I feel like you're all mine.

Hi, I'm Miles A. Way

Written By: Case Closed

Good morning Gorgeous
Are you sleeping or just
pretending so you dont have to talk to me before i leave
and im getting sick of these games that you think up
in your pretty little head when she goes to bed i hope your covers are warm cuz i wont be there any more.

You've got you've got, ten seconds to tell me if this is real or not or am i just wasting time. please choose a side, and id prefer that it not be mine. cuz all i ever wanted was to see things how you saw them. said i gotta be honest this isnt working out.

now i cant sleep the bed just feels empty
without you here, i just stare at the wall in disbelief
and i heard you say, you cant deal with this.
well its enough to make you sick.


Written By: Case Closed

she got an academic full ride. to the college in my hometown where we used to get high, and run mob through the speakers and talk about our lives. then head to the party find her flat drunk on the floor.

and is it worth your time to leave it all behind, you told me that you, you wanted to find it all. you'll be alone.
i tried to say hi she told me think twice shes leaving the bar to flirt with other guys and im going home.

i think she wants me

They said she was a bombshell, that she'll steal your heart and she'll rip it apart if you couldnt tell. she's not the type for gentlemen she does it so well, and her parent swear she such a sweet girl.


- CLOUDS (Debut album) - April 2011
Available on iTunes now

-This is Bad. That Was Terrible. (Free/Digital EP) - December 2010