Case Conrad

Case Conrad


Case Conrad is a new Indie/folk group from Sweden. They just came off a five month tour in Sweden, Germany and USA, promoting the new album. A four-piece all-star band with members from Gustav and the Seasick Sailors, The Tarantula Waltz and Shooting John.


Dew Point is the debut album from Swedish group Case Conrad.
The album was released by Red Olive Music on October 23rd and was followed by a 5 month tour in Europe and USA.

The group first came together when vocalist/guitarist Gustav Haggren was finishing off his last tour with his group Gustav and the Seasick Sailors. He decided to put the band to rest in August 2009, but forgot he still had one more tour booked. He phoned up three musicians he had never played with before: Robert Johnson (Tarantula Waltz), Petter Bengtsson (Shooting John) andGustav Bjarnason and asked them to join him. During the last GATSS tour Case Conrad was formed.

Instead of rehearsing the songs for a recording, the band went to Hamburg and played five shows in four days, from those shows the new material emerged.

Dew Point was recorded June 18th - 20th 2010 in a small wooden house called Lill-Babs Teater, somewhere in the Stockholm Archipelago. With additional recordings at Möre Studio and Bacchus Collective, Stockholm.

Produced by John Roger Olsson and Case Conrad.
Recorded and mixed by John Roger Olsson
Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Recording, Stockholm


Dew Point (2010)