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"Construction worker belts out a tune after work, wins over everyone"

After a hard day's work, sometimes you just have to sing.
Construction worker Casey Abay did just that, taking out his guitar and giving an impromptu performance of his original song "Down Low" to his coworkers.
Watch the incredible musician below.
Disclaimer: His coworkers are impressed — and use some NSFW language to show it.
"Apologize for the tuning (you should have heard it before I took the 10 seconds to tune it by ear). Wasn't really expecting anyone to see it...It was a quick unwind after a long day of labor," Abay wrote on Reddit.
Check out another version — sans construction gear — of his gone-viral hit here. - Yahoo News Canada

"Singing Construction Worker Gives Incredible Impromptu Concert After Work (VIDEO)"

It's been a long work week, but it's almost time to rip off that suit and tie, let your hair down and indulge in what makes you truly happy.

Take a cue from this construction worker, whose name is Casey, according to a video posted to YouTube on Saturday. After a long day of work, he pulled out his guitar and delighted his coworkers with a surprise jam session -- the kind we would expect to hear only from a professional rockstar.

Casey reminds us of Gary Russo, another talented construction worker whose impromptu Frank Sinatra performance at a New York City subway stop went viral in 2011. - Huffington Post

"SOuLUTION on FOX news morning show in Austin!!" - Fox Austin

"SOuLUTION on FOX news morning show in Austin!!" - Fox Austin

"The Pig and Whistle - BEST NIGHT OF MUSIC EVER!"

Best live show I've ever been at. The band is called Soulution and they killed. We sat down to them tuning up to a blues instrumental. The frontman, Casey Abay, had the most energy of any musician I've ever seen (he did a backflip off the bass drum out of nowhere! fucking eh!). He was completely wild and the band rocked the entire spectrum of good music. Unlike most cover bands, their original music was amazing too (I ended up buying their CD, which says a lot).

They covered everything from Michael Jackson to Johnny Cash to Tool to Hendrix, and everything in between. I'm a huge fan of covers when they're done right. A proper cover should have the band's spin on it instead of just mimicking the original work and these guys made every song their own. I pretty much lost my shit when they went from Billie Jean to Seven Nation Army. I love the White Stripes and this made my night. It was the most amazing transitions I have ever heard because they somehow made the perfect bridge between the two. Michael Jackson into the White Stripes? Who would've thunk it? They played a few of their own songs, which were crazy good, then did the best cover of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall that I have ever heard, and I've heard a lot of covers of Pink Floyd. The one thing that would have made the entire night legendary would have been a Queen cover but that's just me being a demanding prick. Casey reminded me of Freddie Mercury in terms of stage presence. Entertaining to say the very least but he had insane guitar skills and half the time I couldn't even see his arms he was playing so fast.

They had the biggest range out of any band I've ever heard, moving from blues to rock to country to blue grass to alternative to soul to reggae. They drew their influences from the cream of music. From hints of Allman Brothers to Guns and Roses to Zepplin, they had it all. Utterly insane. They're touring Hawaii for the next few weeks but said they were coming back to LA in May and I cannot wait. This little startup band may have just crept into my top 10 bands modern bands - yes, they were that good.

Words cannot express how insane this night was for music. Any of the three music events would have been killer alone but together, they hit every aspect and genre of music I love. This was the perfect way to spend my first night in West Hollywood and I could not be happier. This is a sign that everything's going to work out fine here. Renewed hope.

~Vince - Fear and Writing in Los Angeles


Another Road, Another Story - Soulution (lyrics/Melody)



Singing since I could talk... Basic Piano Lessons at 9...First Guitar Songs at 11 taught by pops. Played acoustic gigs at parties/bars in highschool/junior college.. Realized my love for music and entertainment and transferred to the Musicians institute for guitar and the Independent Artist Program... started a band... Played full time for the next 4 years in LA, Honolulu, and Austin totaling 700+ shows... been working on the first solo album since the the band's disbandment.... returning to the roots of solo acoustic gigging..