Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Casey Abrams is a hyper-literate, generation-hopping Tramp Art songwriter, and a monster fingerpicker and vocalist, to boot. His work has been compared to the likes of Randy Newman, Paul Simon and Warren Zevon.


Casey Abrams, a hyper-literate, generation-hopping singer-songwriter calls his performances "tramp art music"

Like the Depression-era Tramp Artists who created unique works of art from found objects like cigar boxes, lamps, and picture frames, Abrams crafts inspired music from a hundred years-worth of records, books and doo-dads found in the dusty attics and roadside shops of the rural South and the urban Northeast.

Abrams’ sophisticated songs have their roots in Americana, jazz, and the classic singer-songwriter tradition. The idiosyncratic performer is known for infusing ragtime, country blues fingerpicking and jazz chops into a repertoire that ranges from Fats Waller to John Prine, and from Stephen Foster to Todd Rundgren.

Most singer-songwriters start their musical journey with Bob Dylan. For Abrams, however, the road stretches back beyond the artists that influenced Dylan and continues into today’s avant-folk scene. In Abrams, listeners will find the link that ties classic tunesmiths like Hoagy Carmichael to peerless singer-songwriters like Al Stewart and modern artists such as The Decemberists and Wilco.

Casey Abrams is currently at work on his third album, Likely Story, due out later this year. This time out, Abrams and co-producer Adam Levy from The Honeydogs meld the jazzy, occasionally dark, prog-rock of King Crimson and Yes with the country-rock sounds of Gram Parsons and The Band. Likely Story is bound to please lovers of adventurous singer-songwriters like Randy Newman, Paul Simon and Warren Zevon, as well as fans of the current crop of indie-folksters led by artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, and Joanna Newsom.

Following the release of Likely Story, Casey Abrams and his backing band The Mysterious Strangers will bring their tramp art music to unsuspecting audiences with a full-scale national tour. Abrams is no stranger to the concert stage; over the years, he has performed in countless clubs, festivals and coffeehouses, including dates with the Joan Baez, Eric Burden, and Richie Havens, among others.

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Nobody's Song

Written By: Casey Abrams

Nobody's Song

Chords ring out in empty rooms
w/ no soft eyes these words to see
no voice to raise in melody but mine
and sometimes words come hard
but i’d have sung these just for you
and not a one but would have sounded fine

This is the song I would have written for you but it’s written for nobody now, etc.

The autumn leaves are falling now
on the places where we used to walk
the plans we made have all been lost in time
and from time to time it’s hard
but I believe I’ll make it through
and I’ve only got this one last thing in mind


You say there’s nothing left to say
and for you that might be true
it may mean nothing to you know
but mean it when I say that this song is not for you


Ghost Story

Written By: Casey Abrams

Have you seen the ghost of john?
long white bones with no skin on
more frightful still than any haunt
is a man who can’t have what he wants

Have you seen the ghost of kate
looking out the graveyard gate
from this day on she makes her home
with rattling bones and marble stones

See them pace the floor in fits and starts
and drag the chains that once wound ‘round their hearts

Have you seen the ghost of tom?
long years dead but won’t lie down
he wrings his hands of lifeless clay
and cowers from the light of day

Are we compelled despite our fear to hold such restless spirits dear?
is this the ghost of one last chance?
or the shade of some long-dead romance?

The View From Here

Written By: Casey Abrams

Well, I don’t know how this must look
To all the people going by in the rain
And ,oh, what they must be thinking
If they should happen to look in through the shade
What I thought was on the agenda
Isn’t on the agenda at all
I guess I can’t see the hand in front of my face,
Let-alone the fine print on the wall

And oh, the view from here
Is all of a sudden all too clear

Well, I been over this time and again
And tried out all the endings before
But, try as I might, I couldn’t make it work out
Like it did when you walked throught that door
Who would have thought it would happen?
That you’d be the one to fall
And find out that someone was rioght here waiting
On your side of town after all

And oh, the view from here
Is all of a sudden all too clear

If it’d been a snake it would have bit you
A freight train it might have hit you
An earthquake, it might have just shook you
Well, but oh, look how long it took you

And oh, the view from here
Is all of a sudden all to clear


Thirteen American Ghosts LP (2004)
Nostalgia LP- Audrey Ryan (2004)
May The Wind Be At Your Back, Great Rider LP- King Calculator (2004)
The Road To Wichita (2004)- The Beau Roland Band
Like a Mirror LP (2005)- on Wampus Records
Clawtown LP- Mick Reed
Ghost Story EP- Casey Abrams and the Mysterious Strangers (2006)

Set List

Casey Abrams' concert performances draw upon his encyclopedic knowledge of 20th century american music. His set of originals in promotion of the new CD:

Nobody's Song
The Times They Have A-Changed
My Doppelganger
Everybody Knows But Me
Civilized Man
In The Canyon
The Devil's In The Details
Twelve Bar Blues
Nothing The Matter With Us
Darling, Smile
How Much Killing Can One Man Need
Ghost Story

Keep your ears open for covers by the likes of:

Johnny Mercer
Willie Nelson
Hoagie Carmichael
Paul Simon
Randy Newman
Roger Miller
Todd Rundgren
Jerome Kern
John Sebastian
Warren Zevon