Casey and Mary

Casey and Mary

 Lula, Georgia, USA

Casey Ryals is the vocal and songwriting force in this dynamic duo from northeast Georgia, with the assistance of the beautiful Mary Susan Herrington they make up Casey and Mary.
Touring now as a acoustic duo, the full band is availble upon request.


Listening to Casey and Mary is like sitting down to a home cooked meal. This is not your frozen entree, run of the mill mac and cheese. More like meat and potatoes with hot apple pie for dessert. No additives required. Filling, satisfying, and welcome to the soul. As well as a welcome relief from the garden variety predictable mainstream fluff we've all grown accustomed to. What makes this pair different is their conviction to something real. Real life, real experiences, real feelings, and real raw talent.

Casey Ryals and Mary Susan Herrington both call Northeast Georgia their home. For the past seven years the pair have been honing their skills as a duo. Their musical influences range from southern gospel, rock, country, to bluegrass. A good ol' boy and a Georgia peach. Combine that with a undeniable gift for music between the two and you've got history in the making.

Casey and Mary, like so many singers born in the south, can trace their musical beginnings to the church choir. When Casey was five years old, his grandmother offered him five dollars to sing a solo in church. That five dollars set in motion Casey growing into the fantastic vocalist he is today. Mary Susan also sang in the church choir. As part of a family tradition handed down from her grandfather, Mary Susan's mother taught her to sing harmony. An incredible, natural gift. Her dedication to mastering her craft continued on into college where Mary first crossed paths with Casey. Mary Susan's best friend Alli began dating Casey. Alli and Casey were married in 2009. With Alli's encouragement, Mary Susan and Casey have practiced together ever since that initial meeting seven years ago.


Full Length Album release soon.