Casey Carpenter

Casey Carpenter


I'm a song writer who has a distinct sound but adapts my music to the upcoming trends I am hearing in Nashville. I try to make my music the perfect blend of traditional and commercial, just like your favorite cup of coffee.


I started playing piano at an early age and before I knew it I was playing full time in church at the age of ten years old. This was a great experience as it forced me to get over my stage fright at an early age. I use the church influences in my writing. I love country songs like Daddy I'm watching you by Brian White the writer and Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take The Wheel. It's great that songs can capture the presence that there is someone higher than us.
I enjoy doing showcases and opening up for people. I am hoping to make the transition one day as so many others have from writer to artist.

Set List

I try to always use this format: An original song, and then a cover, original - cover. You get the picture. When I do a cover, I try to make sure I know my audience. If I see younger people I may do a Kenny Chesney cover, if it's an older audience I may do a Keith Whitley cover. I try to write my own music to appeal to all ages.