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"There is something satisfying about watching a one-man band, especially when the one man sounds like four or five."

There is something satisfying about watching a one-man band, especially when the one man sounds like four or five. Casey Chisholm can thank modern technology and tons of guitar pedals for this, but seeing him play Wednesday night at Streetlight Records wasn't like watching a novelty act. When the Finches and Key Losers canceled, the fate of the show—with just locals Jubliant Low remaining—seemed a little precarious. But thankfully Chisholm jumped in. He joined Jubliant Low on drums, which made for a louder rocking set for the duo of Rosalie Rivera and Leslie Hampton.

Then he went on solo. Seeing him create music was a treat, something that managed to blend synthetic rhythms with teenage awkwardness and keep the audience engaged the whole set.

He layered the instruments live, playing each part and recording loops out of them, like it was some strange studio project we were getting to sit in on.. I particularly enjoyed watching him singing a chorus during one of the songs, and then harmonizing with himself over the next several lines. It was a testament to how technology is changing rock music, and will continue to do so in the forthcoming decade.

The songs themselves were like tiny sunrises, the way they slowly repeated and quietly opened up. Picture Brian Wilson singing Velvet Underground songs alone on his back porch. The opening lyrics were fitting, "Sometime the sun shines, and you have to go outside." You get the feeling that Casey Chisholm has created hundreds of these songs in the safety of his bedroom, and has hundreds left still waiting to be written. - Metro Active


Born to Lose (2012)
Denial and Error (2012)
Quarter Life Crisis (2011)
Doin' it Our Way (2011)
Start Again (2010)
The Casey Chisholm Cassette (2009)
Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown (2009)
Self Titled (2009)
October Rest (2008)
Be Excited! (2008)
Loose Ends and Lost Thoughts (2007)
Asleep at the Wheel (2007)
The Miracle (2006)



Born in the heart of the ghetto and raised in the mountains by wolves. He is a self-taught, self-made solo artist from Northern California. Casey Chisholm blends a broad spectrum of electronic and organic elements in creating a signature, Indie sound. Casey embarked upon his musicianship at the tender age of eleven, learning to play the drums, before discovering the essence of the guitar during his high school career. After contributing his instrumental prowess to an array of bands that eventually fell apart, Casey began to pursue a solo music career. Influenced by such artists as M83, Mum, Animal Collective, Brian Wilson and Elliott Smith, Casey has written,
recorded, and produced an extremely large body of work and shows no sign of slowing or stopping. His passion for making music has spawned a catalogue of over 1,000 individual tracks.
Hundreds of demos led to his first release in 2006 The Miracle, a short concept album that laid the foundation for the rest of the music to follow. He has since released several albums all consistently better than the one before it. Casey's latest release is "Born to Lose". This full length is the 13th release in his collection of songs. Casey has already taken center stage at a slew of art galleries, house shows, book stores, theaters, and night clubs in and around the Northern California region. Receiving exposure as a solo artist since 2002, Casey has garnered airplay on KALX, UC Berkeley's radio station,as well as KCSZ, Owl Radio, Pirate Cat Radio, Phoning It In, and several other internet radio stations. Casey aspires to continue writing and performing along a national tour; recording at least two new albums each year. Ultimately, as his star continues to rise, Casey Chisholm hopes to create a legacy as a musician who inspired music lovers; paving the way for other artists with his own label Ascension Recordings & Publications to help launch their careers in the music industry.