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When it comes to acoustic duos, the competition can be tough – let’s face it, guitars can sound pretty much the same. So, to stand out in that field, you’ve got to do it with writing & voice. Atlanta’s NorthSouth, comprised of singer Casey Dauer & guitar player Chris Case, clearly stands out of the pack of singer-songwriter pairings. On their debut EP, Sleeping With The Lights On, you’ll find a quietude in this duo’s songs – they are stark & simple but driven by Dauer’s melodic, plaintive voice, will leave you with a sweet aftertaste.

Lyrically, these five tracks lay bare the soul of a woman – from longing to freedom, comfort & laughter, Dauer & Case uniquely capture the female persona. It’s the truth found in the uncomplicated beautify of the songs, voiced perfectly by Dauer, & backed by simple yet lovely arrangements on the guitar, that make these songs good.

On the first track, “Overwhelmed,” your first thought might be “Natalie Imbruglia” – it’s a more upbeat number – but don’t let it fool you. It’s a strong number. The EP closes with the similarly paced “Difficult to Breathe.” “Little More Than This” is a bit reminiscent of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” musically, but the longing tone Case chimes in for harmony on several songs, which rather ironically adds to the songs seeming even more feminine by providing contrast. The title track is a lament of love far-off, offering a new twist on an old theme. “Katie’s Song,” a song which speaks to independence & non-conformity, could easily be considered the strongest track of the EP. Its subject matter is unique, the lyrics are sharp, the music crisp – this song is a diamond.

Sometimes, the best creations are made of the simplest ingredients. NorthSouth’s Sleeping With The Lights On is a simple mix of the most basic elements of music, but this duo blends their talents together perfectly to create a delectable musical treat. Don’t wait to indulge yourself in NorthSouth … the only thing you’ll gain is a new favorite band.

Pick up Sleeping With The Lights On at AwareStore for $7. Need a taste-test? You can stream all five tracks at the NorthSouth website.
- Krissie Callahan - Just Another Song

"Case's sensitive accompaniment and Dauer's soulful and countrified vocals can be heard on Sleeping with the Lights On, an excellent start for this Atlanta duo." - The Columbus Dispatch

In every dream I fall asleep beside you silently / Awaken all my flings take this moment tie it with a string / Let’s play again, tag you’re it, now take me by the hand / this unspeakable regret as you slip right through my palms.” So begins “Overwhelmed,” the summery acoustic ballad that begins Northsouth’s debut EP Sleeping with the Lights On. While the words to only one of the songs is written by Cassie Dauer, the music and lyrics of the rest being written entirely by bandmate Chris Case, Dauer sings every line as if it were hers and hers alone. The one song the two wrote together, “Katie’s Song” is actually possibly the best song on the EP. “Katie’s Song” features the vocals of both Case and Dauer, and the two go together very well. It’s almost certainly the closest the EP gets to being uplifting, as the other songs revel in their own minimal, melancholy muck. However, it’s entertaining muck, and Northsouth don’t care to add any more musical components than absolutely needed. If this means a lone acoustic guitar balanced against the quivering alto of Dauer, then so be it. The EP is short, but you may find yourself listening to it on repeat. The songs are very accessible, and their simplicity and basic arrangements would appeal to anyone and his or her parents. It may seem like a duo such as this comes out every few months, but Northsouth would like to distinguish themselves apart from the Borders Books and Music scene. The album ends with a whisper, the barely-there “Difficult to Breath,” a song that requires the most patience of the whole collection. The subtle strumming and soft vocal suggest a song by a slow-core band like Bedhead or Low, but it’s listenable enough to appeal to a wider listener base. This CD is recommended to anyone in the mood for something mellow and beautiful. (Reviewer -Tammy Liu) - Performer Magazine


Sleeping with the Lights On (2005)



Previously the northsouth band, Casey Dauer is carving her own path in the flooded music world of Atlanta, GA. Bringing thoughtful lyrics, creative songwriting, and an ear for melodies, Casey's sound is truly distinct. Moving from Ohio to team up with fellow songwriter Chris Case, the duo transformed their original team into four and bring their unique sound to the stage in a truly electric style. Influenced by all types of music, they both have a propensity towards R&B, which they bring to their more traditional acoustic pop sound. A style that blends the sounds of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Joss Stone and more, it lends itself to sitting back and enjoying the upbeat, yet mellow tones.