Casey Meyering

Casey Meyering

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Casey has been playing for various artists professionally since 2003. However, he has over 16 years of experience in the music industry as a musician and sound/lighting tech.


Starting at the age of 9, drummer Casey Meyering has played everything from church hymns to hard rock and roll music. After playing for a church for 6 years, Casey was offered paid positions as a drummer for 3 different churches. Around 3 years later, Jarrod Vanderslice discovered him and immediately snatched him up. After touring with him for about 6 months and traveling to 30+ states, Casey started working with studios as a studio musician, producer, and engineer. From that point on, Casey has been a professional musician playing for artists such as:

Fly Me Anywhere

Van Rissegham

Arlis Moon

Rubix Groove

Holland Hills

Wendy Nichol


Sincerely Yours

The Events

and more.

As well as touring as a musician, Casey also works as a stage hand and has toured as a lighting/sound engineer with bands such as:

Def Leopard
John Ruben
OC Supertones
Rascal Flats
Reliant K
Sanctus Real
The Time
ZZ Top
Kid Rock
PAX 217
Celine Dion
The Eagles
Morris Day
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Rockettes
Dancing With the Stars


12-2005 - Home - Jarrod Vanderslice
05-2006 - Where did the time go? - A.D.D
10-2007 - Honest Enough (EP) - Sincerely Yours
03-2009 - The Motions - VanRisseghem

(Many other misc. studio sessions)