Casey Stone

Casey Stone

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Impassioned & dynamic, from rootsy lovelorn ballads to shake the house down barn burners.



Casey Stone is one of Saskatchewan's most celebrated, talented and devoted musical artists. Casey is an intense and powerful rock and roll soul who's deeply passionate lyrics can leave you stranded in the ditch or believing in the big time kind of dreams.

Saskatoon "Star Phoenix" writer Cam Fuller states, "If you're prospecting for a female singer who rocks hard and isn't afraid to get down to it, stake a claim to Casey Stone".

"Canadian Musician" magazine took note of Stone's "alluring vocal presence - alternately playing the country coquette...or the sexy power rock goddess".

"Rock Garden", the working title of Casey's newest release has Casey once again facing her life experiences straight on. And although the music is beautiful, honest writing proves lyrics can sometimes be edgy.

Casey's new songs take listeners from the lonely edge of emotional and child abuse ("Bruise Me", Randy's Song") to joyous and inspired optimism ("She's A Believer", "Now That I Found You").

Casey Stone is a winner of the National Academy of Country Music Talent Contest and is a former nominee for Newcomer of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association.

Casey Stone's powerful golden voice matched up with a polished stage presence started to develop in the country genre. Casey toured Saskatchewan in high school and then launched nationally with talent contest wins, award nominations and the "Best Performance in a Television Variety Special" nomination from ACTRA. She soared higher with national airplay on three of her singles, two recorded in Nashville, and continued growing recognition followed with guest appearances on national and local television.

Columbia TriStar sought out Casey's songwriting talents and placed her songs for national and international television. Casey's "Make You Mine" landed in the Top 10 of's Pop Charts and another original, "What Is" was featured in a Prairie Music Week ad campaign.

Stone's upcoming CD, "Rock Garden" combines the forceful and underlying influences of the roots, country and R & B genres that contribute to this free, yet sensible and spirited woman and her newly inspired work.

The new Casey Stone band has the finest line-up of musicians she's ever gathered and the new CD promises to be her best work yet.

The new CD will be released in 2009. Be ready.


Now That I Found You

Written By: Casey Stone/Dan Silljer/Michael Thompson

I've got a brand new view
A brand new way of seeing
Since I met you
Since you became my baby

The smiles are brighter
The park's a whole lot greener
Wascana's breeze is scented so much sweeter
Now that I found you

It all looks the same
But everything's been rearranged

I thought that love and kisses
Were days' past reminisces
Just scrapbook pages stuffed with
Long lost broken promises

(But now you've given me a brand new view, since I found you and now you've shown me so much brighter days and)
Now that I found you

It all looks so strange
'Cause everything's been rearranged

You've given me a new
New view of the big picture
And you know what's true
You are so worth waiting for

It all looks the same
But it's so strange
Everything's been rearranged

It all is so strange
'Cause everything's been rearranged

But Now You're Gone

Written By: Casey Stone

The time is blowing by just like the prairie winds
I wish that it would take the guilt from all my sins
You were my number one
But now you're gone

How many times have you been wonderin' 'bout the reasons why
And do you give me credit for how hard I tried
You were my number one
But now you're gone

Every scent and every season
Every scene gives me a reason
To hold my head and cry
All your love and blind devotion
Brought out all this drowned emotion
You're still my number one
But now you're gone

I'd give everything I have to see your face
I'd climb a thousand mountains for your sweet embrace
You were my number one
But now you're gone


Written By: Casey Stone/Dan Silljer

I'm a tenacious little bitch
So don't hold your breath upon your wish
To leave me stranded in the ditch
While you keep on tellin' lies

You know I've got the perfect pitch
And I'm throwing at your hips
But you keep making little slips
'Cause you're aiming way too high

I'm the tenacious little bitch
That makes you sweat and makes you twitch
But I won't give another inch
For all the times you made me cry

(Why you go on tellin' lies
'Cause you're aiming way too high
For the times you made me cry)

I'm the capricious little glitch
That keeps on messin' with the switch
And while you're askin' who, what, where and which
You really should be wonderin' why

You were once my leanin' shoulder
But that just got colder and colder and colder
As I've gotten older, I've gotten bolder
No more tellin' me lies
This time I've said goodbye

Yeah, na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
It's goodbye baby

(Why you go on tellin' lies
'Cause you're aiming way too high
For the times you made me cry)


CD: (rock)
"traction": eva gold (lead singer & songwriter) 1999
"extraction: eva gold 1997

Cassette: (country rock)
Notice Me: Casey Stone 1990

Singles: (country) 1981 - 1982
"Just Another Woman In Love"/"Brand New Heart"
"Love Like This"/"Somewhere Between I Love You"
"Silver Threads & Golden Needles"/"Heartbreaking Melodies"

Set List

90 minutes of original music

Summer Side of Life - Gordon Lightfoot
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
The One I Love - David Gray
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin