Casey Trahan

Casey Trahan

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA


This last year of spiritual growth has taught me a few things. One of the most important, in a long-lasting (always present) lesson, is the teachings of humility. Though my knowledge in this subject may be lacking, I have learned that it is okay if I don't have a biography about me in the mysterious third-person, written by my self. As much as I would love to emulate my favorite artists, I think that version of the infamous bio can wait.

The short version:

- I started play the drums in church about 10 years ago, since then I've grown to be more of a singer/songwriter.

- I play the acoustic guitar, I sing, I love it, and it's all for God.

- With the help of Little House Productions, I recorded my single "Change the World" in October 2010. (check it out on FB and iTunes)

- I've shared the stage with some incredible bands, including: The Wooden Wings, Oceans, Ayleron, and Everyday Sunday.

- My first CD released on February 4, 2012 at Cafe Chi Alpha (yeah!!)


"Change the World" -the single (October 2010)

"Changes" -the EP (February 2012)

Set List

Dare to be Different
Everlasting God
Oh, Cecilia
Christ is Risen
Drifting From You
Change the World
Only One
Reward (Changes)
How He Loves Us
Love is When I Sing of You
Nothing but the Blood