Casey vs. Jon

Casey vs. Jon

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

An exercise in diplomacy, instrumentation and rock.


After a modest beginning with a spattering of gigs as a two piece culminating in a spot on Pride Toronto's Fruitloopz stage in 2008, founder's Casey Oraa and Jonny Haus expanded the group to include percussion in the following summer. CvJ continued as a three piece, until early 2009 when the line-up was again retooled resulting in the four piece force that now is Casey vs. Jon.

In the months following the retooling, the band has headlined a packed show at Smiling Buddha, and played to raucous crowds at both Hamilton and Toronto Pride in 2009. Following up a year of gigs around Toronto, Casey vs. Jon look forward to releasing their first full length disc in 2011.

Three years on and Casey vs. Jon continue to bring their unique brand of queer alt-rock to the clubs of Toronto so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open as we're coming to a venue near you!


Casey vs. Jon - LIVE (2009)
The Crayon Series EP (2010)

Set List

Set Length = 20 mins - 1 1/2 hours

Recent Setlists = 8 to 14 songs depending on time alloted by the Promoter/Event Manager