Casey vs. Schepper

Casey vs. Schepper



Casey vs. Schepper is the musical collaboration of Matt Casey and Justin Schepper, two childhood friends who share an appreciation for music and art. Eager to inspire and challenge current media, they have set out to revive the soul and stimulate the mind of the collective listener. With this goal in mind, Casey vs. Schepper has ventured to create a unique sound that is not confined to any specific genre. Raised in Milton, Florida, Matt and Justin have grown to appreciate small town American life, an appreciation which is reflected in the unadulterated folk and rock ‘n’ roll roots of their music. Inspired by song-writing duos like Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, Lennon and McCartney, and many others, both Justin and Matt contribute to the lyrical structure and lend musical skills to the arrangements. Matt and Justin work in a home studio where they can enjoy the do-it-yourself atmosphere that allows them to musically expand and develop.


The Duel

Written By: Matt Casey and Justin Schepper

He had his mind set on killin’ when he came ridin’ through our town
His eyes lay on our women; he had an evil way about him
Pale white skin and jet-black hair
He had a wicked heart and a dead man’s stare
The hounds of hell with him they’d ride
And a bloodied sword swing from his side

His horse stood tall beside me as I watched the falling sun
His nostrils flared, I wondered there, should I turn and try to run
The smell of death and rotting flesh
Rolled off the beast’s foul breath
Sky turned red, the people fled,
There was a dark cloud overhead

Now I love my woman, and it’s for her I fight today
The Devil needs a soul for Hell, and here I am to pay
For this deal I made, had my love betrayed,
So I must face the call to fight
He said, “I’ve come up here take what’s mine
The toll’s her soul now pay the fine.”

The clock struck twelve, and tolled the bell that signaled us to draw
Time had ceased to call our names I pulled my gun he unleashed his flames
Pistol cocked and fiery eyes, I took my aim to end his life
The trigger pulled and the pierced flesh, the bullet’s home found in his chest
Blood stained earth below him fell
Cursed by God to rot in hell

My bride dropped down beside me and laid my head upon her breast
Twas love that filled my eyes with tears as I took my final breath
I thanked the Lord for what he’d done and for all that I’d been blessed
Her tender kiss that met my lips brought my beating heart to rest

The Hate and The Heritage

Written By: Matt Casey and Justin Schepper

White knights, black skies
Blood River is where I’ll go
Tonight the ghosts ride
And they’re coming for my soul
I feel those southern flames burning again

The riders are getting closer
I hear the church bells ring
I see shadows in the trees
And the dragon spreads his wings
They say the devil’s headed south and he’s gonna stay

The Klan they got a plan
They say they’re cleaning up the homeland
They’ll burn your home down
And hang a cross next to your children
I feel those southern flames burning again
White robes and bloody hands chains on the freeman

White knights, black skies
Blood River is where I’ll die
I see a tree there for me
I hang my head and cry
They say the devil’s headed south and he’s gonna stay
The devil’s in south and that’s where he reigns

Spend The Night

Written By: Casey Vs. Schepper

Come to me baby,
Let me tell you how I'll love you
Let me pick you up and hold you,
You can stay with me tonight

I've canceled all my plans,
Please just give me your hands
It'll be alright
Come on and spend the night

Oh come on baby,
You know I told you that I love you
And if I put myself above you,
I know you'll come for me again

Please don't listen to my friends,
Second times a charm
Another woman in my arms,
You shouldn't be alarmed

I told you you're the cutest one,
Can we go have some fun?
It'll be alright,
Come on and spend the night

Now the rules have changed,
The game it isn't the same
You know I promised you a lot,
I wanna give you everything

I already left you once,
And I'll admit I was wrong
But now I'm singing you this song
So you know my heart is on

If you need somebody to trust,
Take a chance on us
If you're afraid of being alone,
You gotta pick up the phone

Come on and spend the night
Come on and spend the night
Come on and spend it,
Come on and spend the night