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My music is me! Fresh, clean and hip! Originality is what I like to hear in my music and share with my fans!


Born and raised in Upper Manhattans, Washington Heights/Dyckman area, Cedric Streeter aka C.E.D. (which stands for Cash Every Denomination) learned to love music at the age of 5 while playing drums in a recording studio with his father Arthur Streeter. Growing up in the era of Hip Hop, C.E.D. formed his love for the music listening to radio shows such as The Kool DJ Red Alert Show and Marley Marls show on 107.5 WBLS every Friday and Saturday night.

Throughout high school C.E.D. would freestyle/rhyme for fun, but it wasnt until the age of 21 that he realized his talent and began to write poems and songs. In 1994, C.E.D. moved to Stockholm, Sweden to pursue a modeling opportunity (but dont let the pretty boy image fool you) and landed his first speaking role in a commercial for Telia AB (a Swedish telephone company) which also led to being featured in a print ad from the same company.

After returning to the U.S., C.E.D. furthered his knowledge of the music business by working behind the scenes as an assistant/intern for Oz Music Group and street team/intern at Roc-A-Fella Records. Between working and interning C.E.D. still found time to follow his love and passion for music by recording and has performed on stage battling MCs at SOBs in Manhattan and at a BMI showcase at DownTime. In November of 2004, Mr. Streeter became founder and C.E.O. of Kaos Records, LLC.  Hustlers Haven is the debut Ep by C.E.D and the first single, The Ingredients of Life is receiving airplay and positive reviews from the press.


The Ingredients of Life

Written By: Cedric "C.E.D" Streeter

Verse One

I don't love to leave?/Raised you from your situation treated you like my seed/ Giving you what you want and providing to all your needs/No need to beg and plead/ I'm here through it all/Here to catch you when you fall/Accepting 2 minute Calls/You Could have been lone gone/A prison keepsake/but we held on and held strong/And those Kingpin charges, expunged/Now what the hell's wrong?/And life's right?/Why do we live and breathe?/Show no love, compassion or sympathy?/Food for thought gets literally taken /like Adam coaxed by Eve/Hence our beginning is our end/And it's a battle ground we stand on so firmly/
It's you and I/And we survive/ hustle with unity/ (Hassan Farrow)
4 x Ingredients of Life
Verse Two
Playing catch up when we were caught up/Played the fool/Now we play like fools on free time/My time is your time/ And our time is kept like the face on my wrist/Celebrating a New Edition?/Hated when Bobby Brown went solo, left New Edition/And if you a man then to your woman you would take time to listen/Got chips on my shoulder/So you know the money must come long/It's pricey to stay icey/Man just ask the wife See,/Life to me/Is a composite, kaleidoscope, collage of many things/As humans we emote/Harboring anger, frustration and greed/All off of hard laboring/401K no longer okay/Living day to day/The new American way/Outsourcing is crushing dreams/The new era Depression/History changed/Barack Obama First black president/
4 x Ingredients of Life
Verse Three
Hustled through this Rap Game/Brought songwriting skills and abilities to shame/And dreams and aspirations to waste/Who am I to blame/Young as fuCk and nave to this game/Now I crack the Piggy Bank like 50 Cents on the dollar/Introduced to my new self/Putting alcohol consumption and puffing lye on the shelf/Now a little wiser/Competitors young enough to be sons/Hanging on boot straps/After a stint of fame/Understand, it's important to give back/Listened to Michael Jackson's album/Literally Off the Wall/Tapes of Anita Baker, Billie Ocean and a 8-track of War/My taste for Mozart and Beethoven /So classical/And with my love for music/ I promise to compose more/Grow more/Allowing my friends and fam to eat/Listen to others as well I speak/
8 x Ingredients of Life

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Cash Every Denomination - Hustlers Haven Ep

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