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Cash commission is a collection of artist from different areas and backgrounds very reminiscent of the wutang clan combing various different styles over hard beats and smooth melodies.


C.A.S.H. Commission is a collective of artist from Detroit, Louisiana, and Baltimore. Led by the voices of B-Will Anthill, T-Millz Da Travisty, and P.R. aka Prominence. With the addition of Bumpy Johnson, 7 mile Shizzo, Jimmer, and Bubba Kush they form C.A.S.H. COMMISSION aka The Double C's. The Commissions sole purpose is to supply the world with organic hip-hop and R&B for any occasion, experience, or demographic. The diversity of this assemblage of artist is second only to their unique delivery styles and variations in beat selection. In laymens terms C.A.S.H. COMMISSION is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get..., but you know its always gonna be good.


Retro- Nov. 12
Still Rulez- Sept. 12
Charm City Motown- Jan. 10
S&P part 1- Mar. 12
Jimmer & B- Oct. 11
Scribbled N Smoke vol.2- Feb. 12
Illidemic- Mar. 12
Mitten Life 313- Jul. 12