Cash Flagg

Cash Flagg

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Cash Flagg sound is based on shared vocals, spastic guitar freak outs and pounding back beats that combine new wave snarl and post-punk thunder.


In early 2008 bassist Sarrah Hutton and guitarist Shawn Bracken witnessed the demise of their previous projects. Looking for a new creative avenue the two got together with Hutton's former band mate guitar wiz Brendan Bogosian and drummer Matt Rutherford. The foursome banged out five tunes during their first rehearsal and the beginning of Cash Flagg was born.
Four months into the new project Rutherford split. The band began auditions and even tried out three members from one band. Brian Moeller's aggressive attack was the perfect punch to take the Cash Flagg sound into proper dimensions and he was in.
Cash Flagg promptly recorded their self-titled debut EP in 2009 that showcases their personal hybrid of shared vocals, spastic guitar freak outs and pounding back beats. Their unique sound utilizes new wave snarl and post punk thunder that is sometimes subdued and at other times unleashes a ferocious beast and has allowed Cash Flagg to share the stage with Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Little Joy, These United States and the Generationals.
Cash Flagg is currently in the studio recording their first full-length due in late summer/early fall.


Cash Flagg: Self-titled debut EP, 2009
Save Our Strays Volume 5 featuring "Messages, Horoscopes and Valentines" (2009, Cash Flagg) "Funhouse Mirrors (2009, Cash Flagg)
WNKU: Multiple plays from debut EP
ClassXRadio Show, Kindred Sanctions

Set List

A Cash Flagg set is 45 minutes. We can also play up to 2 hours with a few choice covers.