Elegantly bounces from Metal Grind-Hardcore passing through styles like Hip-Hop and Latin Jazz, hard Drum-n-Bass And Jungle;all culminating back to their roots, a foundation based in Afro-Caribbean banter expressed through percussions that shout Merengue, Panbiche, Son, Ga-Ga and Woods.



Bio / English

With a sound that challenges to all musical categories driven by the exciting commitment of four friends to elevate and to redefine the existing musical patterns within a context delineated by the innate existence of Caribbean essentia CASHFLOW maintains its listeners and spectators in the edge of its minds within a true cerebral experimentation in which they have gained the reputation to be alchemist musicians who fuse from the metal grind-hardcore passing through urban styles as hip-hop and the Latin jazz shaping an electronic touch derived from hard drum-n- bass,jungle, giving to all this stable mixture of afro-Caribbean rates expressed in drums that shout merengue, panbiche, son, ga-ga and woods. Originating thus a new complex and addictive musical form defined like LMM (Latin Metal Mestizage) giving thus fitted to native musical movements of all Caribbean announcing Latin and making passages that can remember to us the sublimates of the defined musical wealth in the Latin. Marlon Cruz (drum and percussions) and Domingo Reinoso (guitars), that weighed on the santiaguera musical scene unite forces with Clovis Montas (bass), native of Santo Domingo and completing the quartet with Eddy B (voices), guru of hip-hop underground movement of Santiago, begin his trip at the beginning of 2000 year, which next to legendary percusionist of the stature of Cuquin Curiel and Felle vega they begin to give form to the project in his musical laboratory, doing jamming sessions and looking for the sound wich until now has attracted to great amount of followers defined as the NEW CULTURE OF the RACE, these follow all his presentations carried out in important rock market places of the country.

In 2001 and 2002 the band participates openly in different musical activities and , leaving its indelible mark in the scenarios which have assaulted with intensity and force, driving vibrations that cause that their followers have adopted a new one and ecletical form to move making of mosh-pit a celebration that the birth of the new race professes, this combined with trips to the outside in search of contacts and followers has maintained to the band in deep work and expectations that assembled the years to come.

In the 2003 the band participates actively in organizing and direction of the memorable concert Rock Union, idea proposed by its members in order to unify and to revitalize the santiaguera scene of rock that suffered at those moments a lethargy, that same year participates in several shows with outstanding bands of Santo Domingo and Santiago and that with their auditory assault obtains the respect and the support of many. In 2004 with his first disc in air CASHFLOW already opens a dimension never seen before , giving it the name of ESSENTIAL the disc is a trip by 10 philosopher and original subjects that wake up the critic to even the most opened mind. ESSENTIAL can be seen like a treaty about the defined human existence in the music and as the small things are the essential and principle of the complex univers we live in. Subjects like ´´Cycle of the Hoocker´´, ´´One to the six away from reality´´ and ´´It s not worthy´´ reflect the heavy side of the band with a electronic mix that increases the power of its notes, the Latin Navy represented by famous track ´´Wake up (pale dekule)´´, recorded previously in demo, reflecting a renovation of more power and style, ´´Caribeean flow´´ and ´´Taino´´ are pieces that represent the true feeling of Creole with lyrics that evoke the high feeling of identity, without leaving to a side the epicos subjects of ´´Koan s Circle´´ and ´´Operation Shut Down´´ these do a flash back to the psicologics paradigms of the humanity. the first single of ESSENTIAL takes form in the song ´´Breed is One´´ being this an piece that develops between guitars of high rank and cinematic shouts conjugated with tambora and Latin soul. In the summer of the 2004 Its members they are crossing the United States exhausting a series of presentations to show its first disc and to lay way to expand the filosophy of the new breed.



Not Worthy

Written By: Cashflow

// 05. NOT WORTHY?

This is not worthy/ I sold my entire world for you /This is not worthy My soul my mind for you...
I stand by you/ It's all I take care of /And I just feel /Nothing but pain/ I won't give up/ Never again never again
I stand by you /I expect no more from you...
Cada vez que me separan de ti /Ya no valgo nada dejo de existir....
They don't know how much pain/ They cause me /They don't know how much pain /They cause /They don't know how much pain They cause me They don't know how much pain They cause me!
This is not worthy /I sold my entire world for you /This is not worthy/ My soul my mind for you...
I stand by you /Me sostienes /And I just feel / Este dolor/ I won't give up/ Nunca jamás /Nunca más!/ nunca más!/ Never again!/ Never again....

Caribbean Flow

Written By: Cashflow


Wake in the morning and pick up my board /Go to the beach and then I take the sun/ Went to a party and meet a girl /Now I'm drinking a beer/ this is the Caribbean flow ....
Come to my land and see the mother earth come!/ If you want to see me, meet me at the shore./ Shut the tequila And brake our beats/ don't come with that crap I stand by my feet
I know where I would take my whole life if I was wrong /Cause I realize /that this is the place /where you are yourself/ And this is what I love.
Es la esencia/ que vive en el caribe Beach, surfing, trips./ Trip your mind/ Come and see what I'm talking about/ Don't be afraid /and be yourself.
(Spoken) This is the place where your mind flows with the wind And your body heated by the sun, is refreshed with the sea waves. Flow Del caribe nace y quema con el sol Saliente que broncea la piel y le da color/ To every human being /que vive su vida extrema /Tripping and surfing /se pasa la vida entera /Este es el caribe y yo te tengo el flow/ Solo ven háblame y sabrás como soy/ Know this/ not me /talk to me /don`t release/ This is the Caribbean flow que tengo aqui /Come to my land and see the mother earth/ If you wanna see me, meet me at the shore./ Shut the tequila And brake our beats /don't come with that crap I stand by my feet
I know where I would take my whole life if I was wrong /Cause I realize /that this is the place /where you are yourself /And this/ is what I love
Es la esencia que vive en el caribe Cause
I realize this is the place/ where you are yourself What ever you do/ so start all again don, t bring all that shit /I cannot agree what the fuck are you saying? /Know this, /not me, /talk to me,/ don, t release /Don't fuck with me (bis)
We won't let you go/ once you step on my land /You won't want to leave /once you step on my land.
You go to places/ see many faces/ many races/ Got to take a time to know this place /Where the face of tainos you can find every day /Smiling even though they have a pain in the neck/ Where everyone has a reason everyday to celebrate/ It doesn't really matter if got to work next day/ But this day enjoy like the last day /And there flows the happiness /Know this/ talk to me /I know about it /This is the Caribbean flow que tengo aqui /Donde puedes apreciar lo que es belleza/ y la naturaleza/ Con la esencia de un pueblo que fluye cada día /Lleno de alegría y no melancolía/ Come and see what I'm talking about/ Beach, surfing trips your mind /You r mind, /your mind, /your!!!
Caribbean flow......

Cycle of a Hooker

Written By: Cashflow


Five months expecting something from you/ The pain I felt because of you is gone/ Gone, gone, gone, gone.../ And everything we lived rest inside of us!
Us! Us! Us!...
All I wanted was just, /all I want was just /All I wanted was just have somebody by my side/ Cycle of your life,/ cycle of your self/ Cycle of your life, /cycle of the hooker
I've been stupid I followed up your step/ I've been so fucking wrong /Hope our face don't meet Never see again /we never met before
Never, /we've met /
Watch your life end, /now you have less opportunity/ To be in this world together/ Nobody take you seriously, /they just wanna blast your ass /Feel there comes the end of life /the end of yours/ Cause Of your…self Nooooo!!!
Never,/ we've met.
Evil selfish way/ will never let go off you/ They will only make you suffer/ Feel your head with lies/ That in time will make you /Miserable, miserable, miserable, miserable, Miserable!!!
You're still living in a fucking cycle of/ a Cycle of a fucking hooker/ Cycle of a fucking hooker /Cycle of a fucking hooker Hooker, hooker, hooker, Hooker, hooker, hooker, Hooker, hooker, hooker,/ You still keep living But /I've been stupid Cycle of a fucking hooker Hooker, hooker, hooker, Hooker, hooker, hook.......


*Trilling Pits EP(2002)-Produced by Cashflow, singles "Fao pal Dekule(Demo Version)","Amettrallando" & "Patria".
*Essential(2004)-Produced by Cashflow,"wake up pal Dekule" and "Cycle of a Hooker" get airplayed in the specialized radio in santo domingo(DR), the single "Breed is One" stay several weeks in the radio of Santiago! (DR).

Set List

A Setlist keeping the Energy Flow of all songs in a Brutal Way, (About 70-80 Minutes)