cashius dniro

cashius dniro

BandHip Hop

Time to show you how the west was won. You'll love Cashius Dniro If you like mcs like DJ Quik, MC Eight, Ice Cube, .. With the soul of the east an heart of the west cash is what the industry has been missing.


Vernon ( Cashius Dniro) Hayes
a.ka Cash Dniro a.k.a CD
Date of Birth:09/29/??

Orgin: I was born and raised in South La in the late 70's early 80's.
Surrounded by all the wrong things in life I quickly became aware of the streets and the power it holds.
The only man in my life was my uncle a career crimnal that taught me the ins and outs of the drug trade that held my attention like a vice grip.
Growing up like this left me with alot time to myself to ponder things and introduced me to the world of hip-hop.
I started writing music as a escape from the harsh reality that is my life. My music represents the day to day fabric of the ghetto and represents the struggle.
God blessed me with a powerful baritone and a gift with words thats reach people from all walks of life.
Now im here to hustle in a new game(The music industry) and I wont stop til im a total success.

I am the voice of the slums.