Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
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Ashlee “Cashlee Jay” Johnson


Ashlee “Cashlee Jay” Johnson, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born in Boston on December 9th 1990, Cashlee Jay was born right into rap music. At the young age of eight, Cashlee Jay jumped write into expressing herself through words. Some of her greatest influences at that age were, Tupac, Biggie, Salt n Pepa, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah, KRS One, etc. Saying her life was hard and that she “grinds harder” would be cliche, but she does and it was. Cashlee lost her mom at the young age of Eleven to AIDS, and also has lost many friends due to gang and youth violence in the past. Cashlee Jay is ready to takeover, and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring something positive out of Boston Massachusetts. “Boston loves the hell out of everyone elses hip-hop, but when it comes to something out of Boston, we turn up our noses immediately. I just want to embrace what Boston is. It’s a beautiful city and there are so many talented recording artists out here. We just have to put our minds on something else, rather than holding guns and hanging out in gangs. That doesn’t make you cool. Music is a good way to express that. Thats what music is to me. A confidante. Or as Melissa Etheridge said, My Safehaven.” – Ashlee “Cashlee Jay” Johnson

Set List

Our covers normally consist of R & B songs, but if we were to cover a rap song. . .it would be just the beat we use.