This is rude, raucous Mississippi juke-joint music, much less delta than hill country.Call it raw like a freshly opened musical wound, or perhaps you might give it the name of back porch delta swamp blues where you can feel the mosquitoes dancin on your skin


Lord knows good bluesmen are hard to come by nowadays. When I first saw these musicians, the voice, the slide guitar, the harp, all of it touched me deep down in my heart where home used to be. It filled a hunger I didn’t even realize was there until I heard what they had to offer. Then BOOM! The music was there feeding me. Simply stated, these musicians take me there and back with these blues, and it’s exactly where I can’t help but go. They call it “Texasippi Blues” and it’s just what it’s billed – a little bit of Texas – a little bit of the Mississippi Delta. It’s a perfect menu for folks starvin’ for real music that we have not heard a lot of lately. Something far, far away from the slick, made-up, perfectly coiffed stuff served on radio and T.V. these days that passes for music. It’s jumpin’. It’s downhome and gritty. It’s lazy. It’s foot stompin’ on a Saturday night. It’s barbecue at a blues festival. It’s easily all of that in one sitting. This music is not crowded with a lot of extraneous instrumentation or fancy musical trickery. It’s just Ray Cashman & Gabby Brown, simple and to the point, giving a longstanding art new life. Yet, there’s plenty there that harkens back to the past; something rising up from the ashes upon which popular opinion burned its bridges long ago. It touches you even when you’re not expecting it and opens up a forgotten avenue, a refurbished alley, a revamped highway. A new old place to go. It’s songs you know they lived out somewhere along the line. You can tell nobody had to write their songs for them – their songs ARE them... Lynda T. Day


2000- Tequila Cowboy
2002- 2000 miles
2005-Black & Blues
2007- Texassippi Stomp ( made the nominating ballot for the "Best Traditional Blues" album category for the 2008 Grammy music awards).

Set List

we do a mixture of original and traditional Mississippi blues covers. we usually play (2 )90 minuet sets