Seneca, South Carolina, USA
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As Hip-hop progresses so do the artists. All in many direction but as far as Cashmere goes, all you'll get is his honesty in day to day life. Take a listen for yourself and enjoy


From the time he started independently back in 09 Cash has made himself a journey for his grow. At 22 coming out of South Carolina, Cashmere has four mixtape to his name "A Martian Wit Goggles" "Food for Thought" "So Far To Go" and his newest mixtape "Poetic Justice". With an Old School meets New School flow and the consciousness of an activist, listening to Cashmere's music will not only grab your hearts but motivate you to stay persistent on the listeners journey.


1993 (Produced By The Passion Hifi)

Written By: Marcus Goodine

V1. I wish I could back to record players in stores, casset tape the classics when rhymers get bored, cuz I be on top, no needing what the rhymers afford, I just simply wanna make a pace that I can adore. Cuz in the booth, my memory is admiring yours...propaganda can damage ya but I'm well assured, within a beat, there's somewhat of a release in the sheet, as long as the pen and pad have the time they can meet. But what a feat...abrasive in the way that they can shake this, the vocabulary is ever scary if you could chase it. Instead of hating it commentary debating it, we out here tryna make a new living but litigation is raking system, I applied the wisdom, grammatically collaborating yo but I don't dis'em. They Mediterranean but why they try to fish him?...curve balls at the plate but I don't miss'em

Chorus: if I had a time machine, I prolly go back to 93, when rhymers spoke so honestly... We need'n honesty..kick a flow with some modesty

Cuz If I rap consciously, a fan base might possibly, feel the words that I should speak...if I had a time machine...and i took it back to 93....

V2. The pressure for success I guess in the best bet, is analytical to the lyric in left step. But like a nice hand pumpin it with the right hand, acrylic fingernails on this southern belle seems to dwell. fermentation in all rhymes can take time, well here some food for thought wit a strong wine, no lie, before the cd's and mp3's hiphop was documented for the voice who could read, now check the fee...if we could to 1993, on a street we reminisced as pete rock laid a beat, on a still sheet rock, no need to release ock, the vision that I deliver could be the release shot. Uh, flow poetic without a direction, but the lyrics are revised to sort the perfection. Might of guessed him to be on the point of da session, but, its my way in this form of profession..

V3. The feeling that I get whenever the beat drops, is unexplainable but the lyric and beat rock. Now fast forward dis rap, its quite ironic that the music of today is iconic but off of dat. These entertainment rappers be layin up on the tracks without a sense of direction need'n an almanac. But even all of dat couldn't reason with all the facts that's I'm kick'n in my rhymes I'm leavin ya'll unattached, look at me....enlightening the product of environment, the chemical imbalance in appliance with a science that I MIGHT just fall into a sky without reliance, but see I got religion cuz my life is quite defiant. But really its a faith, and despite all the lying, I walk by faith without sight, I don't mind it. Talk my taste without haste ya'll rewind it. Back to 93 baby imma find it


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