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 New York City, New York, USA
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No limitations on the Great.


The $inatra, "Urban Elegance" is always the theme. Whether its "Raheem", "Radio Raheem" or "Life After $in".

Inspired by the cycles in low-income neighborhoods & real-life situations, $inatra has not only been a growing voice of millennial minorities but is also hands-on as a Hip-Hop Philanthropist. From relationships, community work, straight vibes or lyrical raps.. $inatra displays art & integrity in its purest form.

- No limitations on the great


Promised Land

Written By: Cash Sinatra

[Chorus - Staci B Adlibs]

I know that you stressin', it's all in the blessin'
But baby we gotta make it
You been thinkin' bout quittin', I'm thinkin' bout sinnin'
But baby we gotta make it
I know you ain't got it, we hittin' the bottom
But baby we gotta make it
I know that you hear me, just listen me clearly, look baby we gotta make It x2

[VERSE - Cash Sinatra]

We made it this far
If we was to quit
That would just be bizarre
I gave em the bars
My heart on my sleeve
Really I gave em my all
They watch when you walk..
Then call you a baby the day that you crawl
They're watchin' me climb..
& might laugh in my face the day that I fall

But ain't no more catchin' a charge now
To get me in cuffs gon' be hard now
No liquor, just raisin' the bar now
I ain't playing this hand my cards down

That some real shit
Catch me movin' through ya still city
Trynna get it on the field tip
Let my people know it's still littty

I was caught up by the ass
Caught up by bag
Get it on the fast track
Then you just another nigga caught up in the cycle
Livin' like a lab rat
You would think I lost a lot of luggage
How I'm always buggin', get the bag back

Now they know it ain't a game when the people sayin', yeah that brother cash rap, FACTS

[Chorus X2]

[VERSE 2 - Cash Sinatra]

I been yearning purpose
Imma serve my purpose
My regrets in a burning furnace
See I'm a learning person
The kids they deserve my verses
I keep it real in a circuit of circuses
I keep the faith like the church with the services
What perfect is that's not me
But I'm certain this will not be another lean song

Peace sign, my brother just be strong
Push through, my sister, just keep on
We slept on & then we dream on
With codeine there ain't no one to lean on..

You been gone off the shits for the bliss & abyss
Took a trip & been sick for some weeks now..
Now the kids think it's cool
Now he stare wit the drool
OH, the Power got you feelin like Tyreek now

I see the promised land
We defeated by the bands
& all these other drugs
Boy, you swear you Peter Pan

You gotta grow up & you gotta own up
Cuz the kids is getting much older too
You gotta show up & pass down every drop of the game that was ever sold to you