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Cashtro Crosby

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Crosbyfication Album Review"

“After listening to Crosbyification once, I officially declared myself a Cashtro Crosby fan for life! This 'tape goes innnn!!! If you STILL ain't up on some Cashtro, you are seriously slippin'. I bump this in my car loud as f*ck! Perfect 'tape for anyone trying to figure who the hell Cashtro is cause the 'tape speaks for itself for real. His next mixtape, Rasta Monsta, is on the way too! Favorite tracks: Hypno Nympho, Story Of My Life, Kings of Cashtro, and Polo Hats, No Tats” - TheGirlES

"Behind The Mic : Cashtro Crosby"

“For a long time, I thought I was the only person in this city with ties to Canada. A long, long time. I remember being teased affectionately but pretty frequently in school about it all the time. My response would always be, “Canada is what happens when democracy goes right”. I don’t think any one outside of my economics and civics teachers got the joke, but what ever. They say home is where the heart is and although I was born in Pittsburgh, Toronto will always and forever be my home. Enough about me. Cashtro Crosby shares the same sentiments. Made in Pittsburgh but a product of Ottawa, Canada, Cash Cros has been repping Pittsburgh abroad with a very, very current sound, but it’s so dope, you can’t help but recognize the skill and know growth is always just a new song away. I caught up with the travelling man to discuss the differences between the States and Canada; and the locational landmarks responsible for his music. ” - @ayatollahjaxx

"No Kids, No Felonies (Album) ·"

Ottawa, ON – Cashtro Crosby has come a long way, still has a way to go, but is in pretty good shape as of now as far as he’s concerned. That’s because his current state of mind is No Kids, No Felonies. Certainly not knocking anyone who may have acquired the two, Crosby’s latest release sets the stage for him to explain his mantra in a much more detailed manner, directly and indirectly.

“Basically, No Kids, No Felonies is what my moms used to tell me every day,” Crosby admitted. “That used to keep me motivated in life. She told me, “One day you’re gonna be a grown-up and you’re gonna be making your own decisions in life. If you keep ‘no kids, no felonies’ in your life by a certain age, you’ll be able to become whatever you want to be. Anything in the world you want to be, if you can try to instill it in yourself (not into others, but into yourself), and you might just become a millionaire.”

With songs like “Fidel,” “Worthy,” “Get Her Easy,” “MOG,” and “Dialogue,” Crosby makes a lane for himself that doesn’t quite mirror many others today. Staying true to himself and his story, his music is sculpted around the realities of his life, his goals, his dreams, and his motives. From his past to present, he reveals it all in a way that’s relative to all. You don’t have to be without child and without a rap sheet to be a part of No Kids, No Felonies; It’s for everyone from Pittsburgh to Canada, Cali to Japan. Download it now after the jump. - @HipHopCanada


Still working on that hot first release.



When asked why Canada?, usually the discussion surrounds the topic of being a kid from Pittsburgh and coming to Ottawa, and thereafter evolving into a successful rapper. The term success with regards to Jay Williams, known as Cashtro Crosby, refers to a name and face that has made its mark with hiphop heads in Ottawa as well as the States.
Jay, inspired by Fidel Castro, put his own spin on the name. Jay took on the alias Cashtro. The Crosby came later inspired by the great Pittsburgh hockey player, Sidney Crosby. Cashtro first put the name into effect when he settled into Canada with his first mixtape entitled, The Crosby Show.
Cashtro has been making his mark in the industry for quite some time now. At the age of 15 he started writing, and at the age of 17, when he moved to Ottawa, he started recording. Since he was a kid, music has always been a big part of Cashtros life. Both his parents were involved in the music/recording business. As much as Cashtro is a musician himself, he still remains a dedicated fan of music. He considers music to be always progressing and bigger than life.
His down to earth nature makes Cashtro a rapper that fans can relate to. He credits his environments as the main influences of his music. Having lived in Pittsburgh and Ottawa and places like Bronx, New York and Montreal in between, he always makes reference to the phrase Pittsburgh to Parliament. Living in areas exposed to diverse cultures allowed him to explore and experience hiphop, pop culture, life, love, and reality, and as Cashtro likes to say all that cool shit and no pumpfaking. Cashtro thrives on making music about his personal experiences. He talks about being proud of where youre from and reppin it to the fullest. Canada has embraced me and I rep it because it deserves that energy back says the US-born rapper. Cashtro claims that with time his music will reveal new lessons learned about life, friends, himself and more. When asked to describe his music, only one word comes into play Dope. Cashtro calls his music New Age Hip Hop with all the fundamentals of classic hip hop that fans love. Cashtros ability to freestyle, his lyricism and writing, in addition to his ability to perform live for large audiences, reflects his drive to hone his craft. He is known for pushing his boundaries. While he plans to make music his life, perhaps he will dabble in other genres where he sees himself fit.
Above and beyond fame and fortune, Cashtro makes it clear that he is happy with himself as an artist and is exactly where he wants to be at this point in his career. Cashtro quotes Mind Games from the first mixtape, "Had To Find Jay Wiliams/ Before Cashtro Came." He has released several projects to date that have put him on the map. Cashtro has two full length solo projects, The Crosby Show (Early 2009) and Crosbyfication LP (2010). The singles Skinny N**** Toothpick and NY Cool both have videos online to accompany the projects. Additionally, Cashtro has completed three collaborative projects, Team PTP - Triangle Offense Mixtape, Cashtro x Currensy Unplugged Live, and he is also featured on the NT Projects. Aside from his projects, Cashtros show roster is one that some performers could only dream of. To date, Cashtro has shared the stage with Blu , The Clipse , Xzibit , Neako , Wiz Khalifa , Big Sean , Currensy , Wale , Rochester , Dl Incognito , Joe Budden , Blake Carrington , D Meeks & Mikey Streetz , and was most recently featured in March 2011 on Niketalks SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas. His newest project is what he expects fans to be looking out for. Project Rasta Monsta is an in-depth memoir of life as he knows it so far. Cashtro is drawing from his present day life experiences, as well as from the roots of his Caribbean decent, to shed some light on his life and who he really is. The music will be more than dread locks and smoking to rasta culture. The difference between Cashtro then and now? Growth. Cashtro confidently remarks, I mean, I know Im nice, now the world gotta know. His favourite joint off the Rasta Monsta mixtape is Jealousy 2011 which is a cover of the Juelz Santana track Jealousy. The mixtape will drop this Spring, but only when Cashtro feels its more than 115%.
When it comes to his production, Cashtro likes an assortment of sounds. Every project allows room for more creativity and more variety, but the chemistry has to be there. More recently, Cashtro has been working alongside Skin Deep from Montreal , Coop from the Baron Boys , Vic The Northstar (Triple B) , Jimi Kendrix , Kenny Beats , Bcorder , Defikon , Plan , Half Amazin and more. Cashtro is working with anyone who is working. The grind factor has to be there. As for his team, Cashtro is Triple B through and through. Dj Mes has been his partner in crime and one half of the Cashtro experience. The actual Crosby show is more than just a man on a mic. Together Cashtro and Mes put on a stage show. Cashtro is also bui

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