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"Young Hearts Run Free"

Cash Wilson’s guitarist Rick Korte may be young, but he played with skill far beyond his years as his hands effortlessly slid up and down the neck of the guitar.

On Monday night, the Cash Wilson Band played at Lil Redz for a relatively small crowd. Cash Wilson (guitar/vocals), Korte (lead guitar), Dejan Berec (keys), Daniel McKillip (drums), and Sam Burns (saxophone) performed a set consisting of mostly original songs, plus a decent cover of Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” and a humorous take on “I Want It That Way,” by the Backstreet Boys to give the audience something to sing along to.

The songs themselves were well constructed, and Wilson was quite pleasant. When asked by someone in the crowd if there were any songs he didn’t like, he playfully responded, “Yeah, but I can’t tell you until after the show.”

He understands his strengths as a songwriter, and has crafted his songs to suit his smooth, raspy vocals. Though some songs did seem to blur together when played back to back, a few really stood out.

“Girlfriend,” highlights Wilson’s wit. The opening line, “My girlfriend just got a girlfriend, the reason’s easy to see. Cause’ my girlfriend’s new girlfriend is prettier than me,” caused most of the crowd to laugh out loud. This was one of the times when they connected strongly with the audience.

The band is quite young — most members are 17 and 18 — and have been playing together for about a year and a half. Their timid stage presence reflected some of their inexperience. They seemed planted in their positions, and despite the occasional attempt by Wilson, they lacked general showmanship.

While their overall sound was enjoyable, they felt stiff and emotionless during most of the show. When Korte tore into a guitar solo, he lacked the pained, orgasmic guitar faces that are expected from some heavy pentatonic-riffage. He really had no expression at all. The audience actually burst into applause when Korte smiled for the first and only time about an hour into the set.

While not everyone in the pack seemed to be fully engaged, a few enthusiastic middle-aged females wildly flailed their arms as they danced (if it can really be defined as dancing) around the venue. They weren’t the only ones that seemed out of place. At one point someone actually went around carrying the tip jar around the venue like it was the Sunday collection plate.

Strange occurrences aside, the audience really seemed to tune in every time Wilson stepped back and let Korte take a solo while playing the guitar behind his head, everyone in the restaurant was cheering. In between, some appeared disconnected from the music, and when Wilson strummed the opening chords to “I Want It That Way,” a girl in the crowd actually said, “This is my favorite song they’ve played so far!”

That said, these guys have the potential to really come into their own sound. The inclusion of a saxophone player for a few of the songs, (he wasn’t on stage the whole time) really colored up some tunes. They know their style-it’s just a matter of refining it and really making it their own. What they might lack in style and flash, they make up for in substance and quality.

For anyone looking for some mellow southern rock with some blues thrown in, they’re certainly worthy of a trek through arctic temperatures. Although not everyone will leave wanting to drop some Cash in the tip jar/collection plate, you can’t go wrong for a free weeknight show.

-Chris Downey, Rise Over Run Magazine

- Rise Over Run Magazine


The Blue Roses EP



Cash Wilson began playing the guitar at age 13 and met Rick Korte shortly thereafter. The two spent countless hours honing their instrumental skills, together and apart, until, one day, Wilson accidentally wrote a song. And another. And then another. Korte, astounded and confused, began using his encyclopedic knowledge of the guitar to compliment Wilson's lyrics and melodies perfectly. Who knows what they'll think up next.