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The best kept secret in music


""A one-man crowd pleaser full of talent and grit.""

"Opening the evening was Casio Casanova. A one-man-rock-show starring WMTS' own Seth Graves. This dude has some serious gall to strut on stage solo with only his guitar and a CD player containing his personally recorded back-up band. Graves proves that anyone with the drive to make it, and a personal credo to rock out (even without a back-up band) can entertain. Of course, why would anyone want to be a one-man bandstand spectacle?
"If I sat around trying to find [a band] to play with, I wouldn't ever play at all," Graves admits.
His current CD plus guitar setup has been functioning for over a year. Before he tried the acoustic thing and, before moving to Murfreesboro, tried the full-band scenario with much dismay.
"I just didn't want to be the asshole control freak of the band," he said.
And thus, we have Casio Casanova - a one-man crowd-pleaser full of talent and grit."
- Sidelines


Andy5: Introduce yourself and tell everyone about your band.
Casio Casanova: I'm Seth, I am the sole proprietor of Casio Casanova. I play guitar, keyboards, sing and do lots of computer programming to create what I like to think is a fairly unique combination of electronica and indie pop.
Andy5: Aren't you currently based out of Murfreesboro, TN right now?
CC: I live in Murfreesboro, TN and attend Middle Tennessee State University. The 'Boro' is a pretty cool place, we've got a lot of really great bands (Slack, Feable Weiner) and plus it's really close to Nashville.
Andy5: Do you play a lot of shows in the surrounding cities?
CC: I've gotten to where I play Nashville more than the 'Boro'. But as of lately, I've been playing pretty much everywhere more than Murfreesboro.
Andy5:Where else do you play?
CC: Mostly Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Asheville. I'm working on getting further out and hitting more of the surrounding areas; it's just difficult with school and all.
Andy5: Are you the only person in your band?
CC: Yes that's what I meant by "sole proprietor".
Andy5: So how do you pull that off live?
CC: It's usually just me playing guitar and singing along with a CD player. Occasionally I bust out a cheap Casio and some circuit bent toys, but that's the gist of it.
Andy5: Do you usually get a good response from the crowds?
CC: For the most part, yeah. I usually get at least 2 or 3 people come up to me immediately afterwards to say they really liked it. Occasionally I play to a sea of dead faces, who really don't get what I'm doing. But for the most part, it's mostly positive feedback. I get a lot of "Dude, you've got a lot of balls!" and then I get things like, "Sounded great, but you really need a band." But in response to both of those: I never really think about it being this brave/bold step I've taken. I just do it because it's the only way I feel like I'm going to get to do what I want.
Andy5: A lot of people that go to shows seem to be pretty close-minded about seeing anything other than the typical guitar/bass/drums/singer set up.
CC: Well yeah, definitely and it sucks cause a lot of times I get kind of passed off as a novelty act. It's really hard to get taken seriously sometimes but I practice and spend just as much time on my set as any other band.
Andy5: Yea, if not more...
CC: Yeah, it takes some getting used to for some people. I miss playing with a band sometimes, but at the moment, I wouldn't do this any other way.
Andy5: I don't think a lot of people realize how much music is actually written by just one of the members of the band.
CC: It's true. I've been in many a band where I'm the guy who writes it all and shows everyone else what to play. If I had a back up band at the moment, that's exactly what would be happening and I don't like being that guy. If I have a band I like everyone to have an equal input. Yet, I don't want anyone else's input on the stuff I'm doing now, so again, this is the best way to go. Finding a band is like finding 3 girlfriends. You gotta find some people you can tolerate, get along with, who can make time to spend time with you and who are just as into the "relationship" as you are.
Andy5: Yea, and its hard enough to find one as it is.
CC: This way, I've got no other schedules to deal with, it's easier to travel, and when I get paid, I don't have to split it with 3 or 4 other people.
Andy5: That's a plus. Number J: Money is usually the least of my concerns, but it's always a nice thing.
Andy5: It takes money to do anything with a band, so it's kind of a necessity.
CC: I'm lucky to have a record label that takes care of a lot of that stuff. Valiant Death Records, they pay for my stickers, and CD's and stuff. But, being solo can also make things a lot harder. I'm so reliant on technology that so many things can mess up and they usually do. So I have twice as many technical difficulties as any other band.
Andy5: Do you have anything in the works (CDs, etc)?
CC: As far as new stuff goes, I have a 4 song demo I recorded over spring break that I've been pushing lately. I released an album under a different name earlier this year, O.G. Mudbone - "Bad Teenage Poetry" also on Valiant Death and right now I really want to put out a new Casio CD. So I'm writing a lot and doing my best to get something out by the end of the year. It's kind of embarrassing to me to still be peddling the same CD I recorded like 4 years ago. But I spent like 2 years on the Mudbone album, so that really delayed the Casio thing a bit.
Andy5: So do you plan on taking Casio Casanova on tour anytime soon?
CC: Well, I was supposed to support Cancerslug this summer on a east coast/mid-west tour and that sort of fell through due to their break-up and since school is about to start I probably won't be able to get that far out until next summer.
Andy5: But you will be playing random shows in the south all year long right?
CC: Oh yeah as muc - The Toilet Online

""a mix of the Postal Service and The Cars... his so-grumbly-it's-good music is worth a download.""

"a mix of the Postal Service and The Cars... his so-grumbly-it's-good music is worth a download." - Nashville Scene

"unique upbeat pop music"

"...unique upbeat pop music that is hard to resist. Think early They Might be Giants meets overdriven guitars and a slammin' drum machine."


Self Titled CD on Valiant Death Records
"Pink Velvet" CD on Vacant Cage Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


When Seth Graves couldn't find the music he heard in his head in any record store, he bought a four track recorder and made it himself. 5 years, countless demos, and several psuedonyms later when he couldn't find enough musicians willing to start a band, he bought a portable mp3 player and emerged on the Nashville/Murfreesboro music scene as Casio Casanova: a one man electro power pop explosion. Performing alone with just a guitar, microphone and an mp3 player, Casio combines blips, pops, and dynamic electronic beats, spacey keyboard sounds, blazing guitar licks, catchy hooks and unforgettable melodies to create a spanking new brand of indie pop comparable to nearly no one else. If you can imagine a hybrid of the Postal Service and Dinosaur Jr., then perhaps you can begin to fathom what Casio Casanova has in store. For the last two years Casio Casanova has been peforming non stop around the United States.