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The best kept secret in music


Casket Salesmen
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Joe & Matt Embree from Rx Bandits
May 18 2005

After a grueling week of school, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to a show that night. I felt like going home and just collapsing on my bed. But at 10:30pm the night before, I was asked if I wanted to do an interview with Casket Salesmen at the show. How could I turn the show down now? After a few weeks of listening to Casket Salesmen’s new demos online, the more questions it raised in my head about the music and its members. “Wow, this band has changed so much musically from the members’ previous band. I wonder what caused the change,” “why did they leave their old band,” “how did they feel about leaving,” were just a few of those questions roaming in my head. And here I was, handed the key to answering all these questions face to face with the band. I ended up taking the assignment with much joy.

After getting to the show a little early to do my interview and finishing up with that section of the night, I went inside to catch Mythmaker with Phil Pirrone of Casket Salesmen. They are good friends of Casket Salesmen and actually make up half of the live version of Casket Salesmen at the moment. Mythmaker’s songs are mostly comprised of instrumentals with minimal vocals from the female guitarist. Although I’m not usually into instrumental music live, this band had something about them that made me pay attention to their set the entire time. I’m really looking forward to what this band has for store in the future and I’m sure I will see them again at another Casket Salesmen show.

The next band that was scheduled to come on was Quadruple Duo; the only thing is, they never did. The band features Randy and Derrick, both former members of Finch, and Joe from the Rx Bandits. I’m not sure what happened and I didn’t hear of any cancellations but in place of Quadruple Duo, Matt Embree and Joe Troy of Rx Bandits came out and played a very energetic set of original songs. They sounded like a garage punk band straight from the 80’s. I believe they called themselves Coke Versus Bills but I could be wrong since they were both cracking jokes constantly throughout the set so it may have just been another inside joke of theirs. Musically, they did not seem to be in their natural element but they pulled it off like they’ve been playing this music all their lives. At one point in the set Matt, who was playing drums this night, played blindfolded by his headband. This particular act and the whole set itself, showed how amazingly talented these guys are. They can do something completely different musically and still pull it off with a perfection most bands could never dream of.

The second to last band was Dusty Rhodes and the River Band. It was quite a sight to see them trying fitting 6 people, a keyboard, and all their gear onto one small stage. Once they started their set, I wasn’t sure what to make of them musically. The lead singer/keyboardist had a very nasally voice and the bands music seemed to be a mix of country, folk, and some older rock thrown in for good measure. The lyrics had very mythical tint to them. As the bands set went on though, I started to get a better feel for their sound. I quickly learned to expect the unexpected. Each song the band threw in a new instrument from a violin, to mandolin, then an accordion, and even a harmonica. Although I would not consider myself a fan after their set, I can see fans of Limbeck or even our new favorites at Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s embracing this bands unique sound.

The headlining band coming on next was the whole reason I postponed sleeping for a few hours that night. Casket Salesmen is the new band from former members of A Static Lullaby Phil Pirrone and Nate Lindeman. After going through a devastating car accident and leaving the band last year, it is a bit of an understatement to say that Phil Pirrone has gone through some changes in his life. And yet it seems that with their new band, he and Nate are using Casket Salesmen as positive and therapeutic path to heal any old wounds they had over the past year. Getting back to the show at hand, the band opened with Feeling Ten Feet Tall which is the hard rocking opener to the album. From the second the first riff started to blare though the speakers, I could just feel that I was in for a good night. The band continued on right into the next track off their album I’ll Buy That For A Dollar. This is supposed to be the first single off the album and let me tell you it’s a great pick. It has a rocking edge and the chorus will have you singing along by the end of the first listen. They slowed things down just a little bit with the next song Dr. Jesus but still kept you in the palm of their hands. During the breakdown Phil started to dance around right before Nate busted into some awesome solo guitar work. The next song is a personal favorite of mine titled The Ana -

(8 out of 10)


STONER PROG: Casket Salesmen features two former members of screamo-core bores A Static Lullaby doing stoner prog. Sleeping Giants should be the worst thing ever, but it's actually quite good. The closest comparison would probably be the progressive rock of Cave In's underrated Antenna, with elements of post-Nick Oliveri-era Queens of the Stone Age's stoner rumble and the artsy doom of Red Sparowes. However, what makes Sleeping Giantsso good is how the compositions go effortlessly from post-alternative rocking to prog wankery and back while still feeling like coherent songs. It's also clever how the album's 10 tracks progress from the relatively heavy and grounded "Feeling Ten Feet Tall" and "I'll Buy That for a Dollar" at the beginning to the looser, more spaced out "Art Sandwich" and "Goodnight, Jugdish" at the end. That leaves the best track dead in the middle, the jazzy jam of "The Anaheimlick Maneuver" complete with horns and bongos. The vocals are clean but distorted, making it difficult to know what the songs are about, but this record seems to be more about an exercise in experimental music rather than any sort of deep lyrical meaning. Sleeping Giants is an impressive debut‹the
surprise melancholic non-hit of the winter. Much better than A Static Lullaby, too. ~

Jeff Treppel - OUTBURN MAGAZINE #37

Best friends Nathan Lindeman and Phil Pirrone left their band of 5 years, A Static Lullaby, in late 2005. It was a tough decision to leave something that they had practically grown up with and built such a name around, but it was time. So in December of 2005 they formed their new group, Casket Salesmen, and began demoing for their first LP. Sick of the screamo scene, they set out to create something entirely different, and on their debut effort, Sleeping Giants, they have done just that. The album will be released in late October via their own label, Longhair Illuminati, and the excitement around the release is more than warrented. They combine the gigantic stoner riffage of Queens of the Stone Age and Open Hand and seemlessly weave it with the sonic spaciness of Cave In and a less pretentious Mars Volta. At 10 tracks and 45 minutes, it's an earful to take in and they take the massive progressive rock to another level. Their lightening fast transformation is nothing short of amazing, and they have quickly surpassed everything they did in their previous band. - DECOY MUSIC


DR JESUS EP (Longhair Illuminati) - sep. 12 2006
SLEEPING GIANTS (Longhair Illuminati) - oct. 31 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Casket Salesmen features Phil Pirrone, Nathan Lindeman, and Ryan Knights (Mythmaker). Phil and Nate are heavily influenced and inspired by the work of Mike Patton, Les Claypool, Tool, King Crimson, Bill Hicks, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, and were driven to start a recording studio and record label because of the groups listed above. Solunaris Studios and Longhair Illuminati Studios work hand in hand to produce genuine and thought provoking music.
if you'd like to hear the band right now, please goto the following link:
In Oct 2005 Phil Pirrone was in a terrible car accident. He flipped his car. He flew out of the car. He broke his back, his ribs, his lungs were punctured and collapsed. He had massive internal bleeding, muscle atrophy and several of his organs, such as his spleen and parts of his liver had to be removed.
He landed himself in a coma for a few days and the ICU unit for a few days more. After that he stayed in a regular hospital room until he recovered.
Upon returning home he quit playing in the band A Static Lullaby (Ferret 2002 - 2003/Columbia 2003 - 2005/ now on Fearless), formed his own label and started a new band with Nate Lindeman.
The debut full length album, "Sleeping Giants" was self engineered and self produced by Phil and Nate and Justin Gutierrez. Mixed by Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Twilight Singers, Tom Petty) & mastered by Dave Collins (Queens of the Stone Age, Ben Harper, Black Sabbath) and is in stores now through Longhair Illuminati Recordings (Phil's own label)

Muse, Brand New, Against Me!, Thrice, Linkin Park, Circa Survive, Weird Al, New Model Army, Rx Bandits, The Apex Theory, The Germs, Jedi Mind Tricks, Andrew WK, Killswitch Engage, Relient K, Fair To Midland, Young Love, Moros Eros, I am The Avalanche, Senses Fail, Chuck Ragan, Limbeck, The Dear Hunter, Unwritten Law, Weatherbox, Manchester Orchestra, etc.