Casket Salesmen

Casket Salesmen


Casket Salesmen is a progressive/psychedelic rock band from Corona, California. Reviews on their latest album, "Sleeping Giants" (Longhair Illuminati) have compared the band to Cave In, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd and Smashing Pumpkins to name a few


Casket Salesmen features Phil Pirrone, Nathan Lindeman, and Ryan Knights (Mythmaker). Phil and Nate are heavily influenced and inspired by the work of Mike Patton, Les Claypool, Tool, King Crimson, Bill Hicks, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, and were driven to start a recording studio and record label because of the groups listed above. Solunaris Studios and Longhair Illuminati Studios work hand in hand to produce genuine and thought provoking music.
if you'd like to hear the band right now, please goto the following link:
In Oct 2005 Phil Pirrone was in a terrible car accident. He flipped his car. He flew out of the car. He broke his back, his ribs, his lungs were punctured and collapsed. He had massive internal bleeding, muscle atrophy and several of his organs, such as his spleen and parts of his liver had to be removed.
He landed himself in a coma for a few days and the ICU unit for a few days more. After that he stayed in a regular hospital room until he recovered.
Upon returning home he quit playing in the band A Static Lullaby (Ferret 2002 - 2003/Columbia 2003 - 2005/ now on Fearless), formed his own label and started a new band with Nate Lindeman.
The debut full length album, "Sleeping Giants" was self engineered and self produced by Phil and Nate and Justin Gutierrez. Mixed by Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Twilight Singers, Tom Petty) & mastered by Dave Collins (Queens of the Stone Age, Ben Harper, Black Sabbath) and is in stores now through Longhair Illuminati Recordings (Phil's own label)

Muse, Brand New, Against Me!, Thrice, Linkin Park, Circa Survive, Weird Al, New Model Army, Rx Bandits, The Apex Theory, The Germs, Jedi Mind Tricks, Andrew WK, Killswitch Engage, Relient K, Fair To Midland, Young Love, Moros Eros, I am The Avalanche, Senses Fail, Chuck Ragan, Limbeck, The Dear Hunter, Unwritten Law, Weatherbox, Manchester Orchestra, etc.


Peace Monger

Written By: Phil Pirrone (Wingless Music) ASCAP 2006

show me where to lay my head so i can
feel you breathing
its been so long since ive seen anyone
except for the medicine man.
but you're dyed in the wool.
you got your ducks in a row.
you had a flush in your hands, but you'd rather fold.
I wish I could be more elastic about it.
no threads hold us together.
There are no threads that hold us together.
cut off his grubby little hands
blessing us all.
dime a dozen and ten a penny.
he is what spirit wishes one could undo.


DR JESUS EP (Longhair Illuminati) - sep. 12 2006
SLEEPING GIANTS (Longhair Illuminati) - oct. 31 2006

Set List

(subject to change)
1. Intro Jam + Feeling Ten Feet Tall Part 1 & 2
2. I'll Buy That For A Dollar
3. Dr. Jesus
4. Anaheimlich Maneuver
5. Reggae Jam + Peace Monger
6. Art Sandwich + Outro Jam

our set can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour.....depending how long we are permitted we can extend or shorten jams...