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Passionate,Cohessive,Strong and Creative. With an abrassive delivery and well rounded display amoungst breath takin music.


CasOne is a twenty-something year old Hip-Hop Musician from the state of Indiana. A fresh face to the music scene, straight out of the gate with his release "Liberation." Widely received and critically acclaimed as one of the most influential albums of the last five years. With only one LP under his belt, the response and reception has been great, and in some cases, unexpected.

In short, this album isn’t just for one genre. It can be accepted by the same fan-base that would listen to the growing indie-rock genre, as well as fans that would put on a Kanye West album while changing clothes to go out to the club. “Liberation” is a versatile effort, fusing live instruments with hip-hop elements, while accompanying underground heavy weights such as Brother Ali of Rhymesayers Entertainment.

The Sound? It was mixed, mastered, and engineered in a world class facility by Eric “Sauce” Hunter (Destiny’s Child, Usher, Mario Winans, 112, Frankie J, etc). CasOne isn’t the one-album-dropping kind of guy, while having a spread sheet of guest appearances, mixtape drops, and soundtracks for various extreme sports DVD’s. This artist has already begun recording his second album, and still finds the time for his tour release while never sacrificing content for quantity. His music continues to be inspiring, trend-setting, and thought provoking.


2 Steppin

Written By: Cas One

I guess I always stood alone so save the advice,
Im riding this mind set till I can make it mine,
I got a crazy sense of personality,
and dont get along with the people surrounded me,
gonna do the anti -social two step move along,
till you know all the words to my sad songs,
and maybe then we can be friends
but for now Ima shake these peoples hands,
look important while im sorting through a portion,
of the majority contortioned in the middle of the floor and,
they aint dancin but they feel the vibe,
I can make this motherfucker come alive,
and in 15 minutes time im on the side lines,
kicked back while the rappers kickin rhymes,
im sort through my mind while they think im an asshole,
anti soc and im the host what the fuck yo,

Look at you thuggin Huggin the wall,
No dancin no vibin at all,
sittin back in the cut (like what?)
like you never heard a beat before,
But dont you forget it when the vibe goes home,
That you gonna regret it When you're dancin all alone.

I don’t know a single name in the whole damn place,
And lookin at me like im the next big thing,
Its strange Im a little weirded out,
But Im ride this motherfucker till the courage dies out,
4 shots down and im holding down the crowd,
In sea of straight faces fishin for a smile,
Hooked em with style but the egos aint letting em out,
They movin to their own pace now,
So I standing in the middle just checkin my watch,
Aint a motherfucker movin in the whole damn spot,
stand alone comple when they bobbin they necks,
and i rockin they sets but they just wont dance,
so im....dancin all alone
and they...they talkin on they phones,
like we...dont get along.
So I,....Just sing this song


People dont dance no more all they do is this x3
People dont dance no more 2 steppin on my own accord on my own accord COME ON.

-chorrus x2-

-bridge out-


Lp:Liberation featuring:Brother Ali,Equalibrum and 28 Gates.
Radio Single(s):2 steppin',Masked Monikre
Tour Release-Table Scraps

Set List

1 hour set (also can cut to 30,and 45 minute sets)... Dj scratch intro,Tight Rope,Masked Monikre,Glass Walls (short version),Move,Wings,2steppin',Babble On,Paper Lanterns,Grey Area,One Night Stand,I'll Leave you With this.