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"CasOne Liberation"

Hailing from Indiana, Liberation is the debut set from CasOne, one of several up-and-coming underground rappers from the Midwest eager to show his angst-ridden emotions in the manner of Atmosphere and Brother Ali. With his blend of Slim Shady-era Eminem flow and a voice reminiscent of Defari, CasOne delivers a solid effort backed by varied head-nodding production. The best track is the Brother Ali collaboration “Flashbacks.” The soulful and introspective track finds both MCs reminiscing on past challenges over a backing of live drums and melancholy flutes. “Two Steppin’,” with its raw drums and piano melody, finds CasOne criticizing wallflowers, while incorporating a clever Goodie Mob reference. The heartfelt “Cope,” the banger “Masked Monikor” and the rock-influenced “Glass Walls” also stand out.

Unfortunately, some tracks fail to make an impact. The monotonous “Wings” recalls a bad Evidence song, the sloppy “Tight Rope” and synth-heavy “Babble On” don’t match the emotional intensity and musical backing of Liberation’s better moments. But with his talented storytelling abilities (as heard on “Distortion”), CasOne has a promising career ahead of him. -

"Presidents Pick"

we generally keep up on new artists, every once in a while we'll be given an album from an artist that we've never even heard of before. And after listening, we'll wonder how we missed them in the first place. That was the case with CasOne's "Liberation." Coming straight out of Evansville, Indiana (that is not a typo) CasOne is on a mission to prove that the midwest definitely has something to say. While it's an album three years in the making by his own admission, he should take three years for every album if the end result would always be this impressive. Clever, thought-provoking wordplay is what really drives "Liberation" and will have you actively listening to make sure you don't miss anything. Artists who make guest appearances include Brother Ali, Proe, Tommy Jamin and Ignite among others. Production, which is equally dope, is courtesy of newcomers Sauce, Equalibrum and J Brookins. A major accomplishment right out the gate. Get it.

Masked Moniker, Flashbacks, Wings, One Night Stand, Cope and Leaving Imprints



Liberation 2005/2006
Table Scraps (tour release)
Second Helpings (tour realease)
The Monster and the Wishing Well



My name is Cas One. I have rapped for over half my life. I’m not fly by night. I fly by the seat of my pants. I make music that you and your girlfriend will quote to each other in love letters and pretend it is your own. I make you enjoy your head phones. I don't like to list influences because I'm one of those people that say "everything”. I am better live. I am emotional. I am Passionate. I CARE about GOOD music.

I have an album out called Liberation which features Brother Ali, It has gotten a really good response, and it recently got picked up again by a digital distro company out of California called Kid Without Radio. I have A Tour Release called Table Scraps That Sold Out in 3 weeks (500 copies)

I am working on a new Full length Album titled The Monster and the Wishing Well, Its picks up where liberation left off. It is me more grown up. I believe it to be very cohesive. It features P.O.S of rhymesayers entertainment. It’s not just in your face hip-hop. I don't like genres. I don't even like the word genre.

I listen to more indie-rock than hip-hop.

I've Toured or done shows with...The Visionaries, Brother Ali, P.O.S, GraySkul,Sleep, Vakill, Psalm One, Immortal Technique, FreeStyle (of the Arsonists), GLUE and so on and so forth.

I am sure you want to see my MySpace...I keep in touch with fans.
you should add me as a friend even if you hate my music, I don't flyer your page to death and would never post a flyer to a show that you won't be able to attend because you're 15 states away, I would also never send a random comment that says "listen to my new song" I've actually maintained all of my friends by word of mouth and never used an adding program for not a one of them.

You can view my music video for Blood on the Playground which is on the Table Scraps Release here.

I do appreciate you reading my EPK, if you did that is. I look forward to hearing from you. I know I'm just another drop in the ocean, I would like for you to help make me the wave.

If you're having trouble finding press about me, You are more than likely going to find me listed as casOne, I have recently changed it to avoid confusion. If you google search casOne Liberation you will find tons of blogs and links.