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Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


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"Thirty Great Athens Bands"

For a city of roughly 115,000 citizens, we can’t think of a town that packs in more rock per capita amongst its people. In honor of this Southern musical hotbed, we’ve compiled a list our favorite Athens rock bands. This list includes musicians who have long been associated with the scene at the local level, as well as others who had formative years in Athens along the way. - Paste

"Record shopping with one ‘Cool’ customer"

While we were catching up with Supercluster and Pylon vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay in Athens this month, we decided to go for broke (literally!) and ask the resident godmother of the Athens music scene to recommend some of her favorite local bands during a stroll through Wuxtry Records on East Clayton Street.
She immediately handed us a vinyl copy of Casper and the Cookies‘ fun, experimental “Modern Silence” along with a limited edition copy of Of Montreal’s “Hissing Fauma, Are You the Destroyer?”. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Casper & the Cookies: What's in a Stupid Name?"

The genre of indie pop is many things — sweet, cuddly, catchy, simple, retro. But one thing it certainly isn’t is epic.
Indie pop is the sound of springs and summers, with most albums clocking in at about 40 minutes, perfect for beach outings, cleanings and short drives. By contrast, double albums, whether from the likes of Pink Floyd, Miles Davis or Hüsker Dü, tend to evoke fall and winter. They’re sprawling affairs best absorbed in their entirety, huddled around a turntable, escaping the bitter cold.
But eccentric Athens, Ga., indie-poppers Casper and the Cookies shatter conventional wisdom. The group — featuring singer-guitarist Jason NeSmith; his wife and bassist, Kay Stanton; multi-instrumentalist Jim Hix; and drummer Gregory Sanders — will play Propaganda in Lake Worth Saturday to promote its third
full-length release, 2009’s Modern Silence. The 18-track, 70-minute opus, which concerns lobotomies, aliens, larvae, bees, flowers and a fictitious jazz-mime, could only come from the city that produced the B-52’s. The album concludes with a 15-minute instrumental track composed of 35 guest musicians, including Apples in
Stereo’s Robert Schneider and Olivia Tremor Control’s Bill Doss.
“We didn’t necessarily come into it thinking it would be so grand,” NeSmith says. “Our method was to record everything and see what survives. The more we recorded, the more we realized we did not want to make two records or one short record that would satisfy us. So, in a fit of gluttony, we just decided it was all in. It was maybe a foolish decision, financially speaking, because it scared some people away.”
“Some people” includes indie-rock kingmaking Web site, whose tepid 5.4 review (that’s out of 10) accused the band of overstaying its welcome. Whatever. Modern Silence is a great album, careening schizophrenically from blistering Public Image Ltd./Wire-style post-punk (“Pete Erchick Bicentennial Service Area”) to synth-propelled balladry (“Song Across the Sea”), radio-ready ’80s power-pop (“Meredith”) and anthemic gospel (“Sunshine Girl”).
“It’s kind of our MO,” NeSmith says about the album’s many directions. “My favorite records were always the ones that jumped around a lot. I’ve never felt satisfied with playing the same song 12 times over and calling it the album. One day, I’d like to take on the challenge of creating a full-length album that does have a sonic and thematic consistency and an arranging consistency, as well, to make it sound of a piece. I just have to get this behind me first.”
The group is known for its quirkiness, both in terms of lyrical content and stage presence. NeSmith has donned gaudy fake eyelashes for some of the band’s glam-lite shows, and Hix always brings unbridled, over-the-top exuberance to his guitar- and keyboard-playing.
“I think what we do onstage that I don’t see everybody do is just have fun,” NeSmith says. “There’s a time and place for the cerebral and a time and a place for fun. We’re up there, why not enjoy it?”
Although NeSmith is an important member of the Athens scene — appearing with and remixing numerous area bands, operating one of the city’s recording studios and performing alongside Daniel Johnston for the cult troubadour’s legendary 2007 appearance there — he acknowledges that Casper and the Cookies face the
constant challenge of being pigeonholed as a jokey band.
“We’re flirting with danger,” he says. “We have a stupid name and people can write us off easily. But you gotta do what you gotta do, and whether some hipster thinks you’re cool or not — fuck it.” - City Link

"Live review- Bowery Ballroom 2-15-07"

As I watched Casper & The Cookies set up, I knew that something, well, kooky was in the works. Casper Fandango (nee Jason NeSmith), in champagne crushed velvet pants, and his bandmates, bedizened in false, metallic eyelashes and exaggerated makeup (these are the
guys, mind you) decorated their mic stands, bass drum, and keyboards with fake flower garlands. I worried that they were all gimmick and no substance, but my fears were in vain.
In fact, if The Apples in Stereo hadn’t been so goddamn exciting, Casper’s Cookies would have stolen the show. The band members’ androgyny contrasted with the fairy tale concept of their new album, The Optimist’s Club, which, as Casper told us, is about “falling in love in THIS EXACT CITY!” It all made me wonder whether these Athens indie-pop folks are making a concerted effort to bring the glam-rock aesthetic back. I mean, have you seen Kevin Barnes recently, all sparkly make-up and, um, naked? None of them sound anything like David Bowie or Roxy Music to me, but I’ll take Casper & The Cookies’ charming, exuberant, multi-effects-pedal pop any day and consider the eyeshadow a bonus. -, Judy Ain't No Punk

"Live Review- Ybor City, FL 6/2/07"

So, you know how you sing in the shower/in your room when your favorite song has just come on, and you think
no one is watching? You know, your face is a kaleidoscope of expressions, your eyes probably squinted with
intense intent, and your hands either clenched and fisting through the air or swinging around like a ball on a
tether, strumming your air guitar? Well, insert real instruments, even more energy, and a quirky array of vocals
and you’ve got a Caper & the Cookies concert.
Within the first suspended notes that were howled into the microphone, the spectators at the New World Brewery
suddenly came alive, as if this was the moment many of them had been waiting for. With Casper & Co.’s unique
blend of bouncy, at times disjointedly layered vocals and unique brand of electric-pop instrumentation, people
could not help but bob their heads and shimmy their hips with such glee that it can only be compared to that of a
child’s. Their music, though spastic and even reminiscent of flower power at times, seems to relay the message
that if there is any time to let loose, its now.
But really, what sells Casper & the Cookies is their phenomenal stage presence. Though this was probably the
regular amount of people for a bar show, the Athens natives played as if they were sold out at Madison Square
Garden. There was constant jumping, keyboards being ripped off the stand and played from the lap, a guitar
being handed off to an animated spectator as the lead singer threw himself onto the ground, all while sweat
trickled down a group of smiling faces underneath the lime light. By the end of the show, it was clear that this is a
band that stops at nothing to engage their audience, and it was well worth the cover I paid to enjoy their musical
news archive | back to top - Reax News, Cristina Martin

"MP3 At 3PM: Casper & the Cookies"

The Cookies’ brand of power pop is best showcased on new single “Little King,” which shines with bright sounding guitars and feel-good vocals, while the off-time “Pete Erchick Bicentennial Service Area” has a spastic, trippy feel. - Magnet

"Modern Silence review"

Modern Silence starts strong with a handful of assured, well-constructed pop songs that establish the band's
eclecticism and set a high bar for the rest of the album. After kicking off with the breezy glam rocker "Little
King" and the casually groovy "You Love Me", the group veers off in a less accessible but more intriguing
direction with "Pete Erchick Bicentennial Service Area", a peculiar, twitchy number that nods to a dozen strains
of post-punk before ending on an inexplicable electric piano outro that sounds rather like "lite jazz" hold music.
This is the band at their best-- leaning hard on familiar styles and sounds, but tweaking them with unexpected
tones and tangents. "Sharp!", the next cut, applies a similarly eccentric trajectory to a funky, hyperactive tune
that recalls some of the songs on of Montreal's The Sunlandic Twins, - Pitchfork

"Modern Silence review"

This album is so full of perfect I don't even know where to begin. But to address [Pitchfork writer] Perpetua's main criticism, instead of viewing it as too long, view it as a vast musical wonderland - where you can drop in as you please.

The playing all sounds like perfect first takes - not too studied and overdubbed, a nice
looseness but still nailing it, with just the right amount of accompanying colors and textures. Every sound
and song is just too good without ever repeating itself - such rich, fully realized versions of songs that I
just cannot get sick of listening to them. It's the most fantastic fucking thing I've heard in a long time, and
if the CDs hole were a (quite) bit bigger I'd fuck it. Yeah. I'm a little drunk. - Funeral Pudding

"Modern Silence review"

Modern Silence is the kind of album that many groups wouldn’t even attempt, but
Casper & The Cookies best their previous albums here multiple times over. It’s
absolutely fascinating, it holds up to repeated listenings, it’s rewarding no matter
what circumstances it’s played under, it will undoubtedly stand the test of time… but
most importantly, it doesn’t matter if Casper & The Cookies ever make another
record again. Modern Silence is a modern masterpiece, and for those lucky enough
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RetroLowFi :: Casper & The Cookies “Modern Silence” (Happy Happy B...
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to be tuned in, it stands as the ultimate portrait of that end-of-the-decade confusion
that we always seem to hit on in this american life. - RetroLowFi

"See? You HAVE to like us."

It is hard to see someone not really enjoying this record. [It] inventively explores all aspects and shades of pop music. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"You'll go BONKERS"

One listen and pop fanatics will immediately be going bonkers. There’s no denying that this man is one of the best tunesmiths in the world. The melodies to some of Jason’s tunes are certain to give listeners intense chills.
The pure feelgood energy inherent in this music is addictive and invigorating.
Hopefully one day this band will receive the recognition they deserve. Until then...those in the know will be the real winners. (Rating: 5+++) - Babysue Music Review

"One from Canada..."

Filled with classic pop songs…a gender
perfect balance in the lyrics and overall
sound…upbeat and so sincerely pop…that it’s somewhat timeless in its musicality. - Exclaim! Magazine

"One of the Year's Most Notable"

A pop-laden album that’s hard to put down. With some incredible songwriting, NeSmith and Stanton demonstrate an incredible regard
for their craft. From beginning to end, there’s nary a dull moment in the full forty minutes that make up The Optimist’s Club, an album that’s likely to be one of the year’s most notable. - Music Geek


{selected discography]
- Modern Silence (release date: May 12, 2009) (HHBTM/PIAPTK)
-The Optimist's Club CD (Waikiki Records - Japan)
-HHBTM singles club split 7" with Marbles
-"Kiss Me Beneath the Christmas Tree" digital single
-The Optimist's Club vinyl release with bonus track and new artwork (People In A Position To Know Records)
-PIAPTK Records 8" split single with Keith John Adams
2006- The Optimist's Club (HHBTM)
2005- OH! + 4 (Waikikirecord, Japan)
2004- OH! (HHBTM)

Wuxtry Record Store Day 2010
Happy Happy Birthday to Me vol.4
Tiny Idols vol. 2
Athfest 2005
Happy Happy Birthday to Me vol.3
Noises from the Leg (Bonzo Dog Band tribute)



Pitchfork added Casper's spring tour dates to their website!

Casper & the Cookies were recently named one of Thirty Great Athens Bands in Paste

On February 18, C&tC opened for the B-52s for their 34th anniversary show at the Classic Center in Athens, GA.


Hi. This is Jason of Casper & the Cookies. I'm tired of writing bios in artificial third-person. So I'm just going to tell you in my real voice. After years of making bedroom recordings, I started Casper & the Cookies with Kay. Originally, I was going to keep the "Casper &" and change the band name for every album just for fun. A lot of great people have been through this band. They all told me to keep "The Cookies." I should not have listened to them.

Kay and I got married and moved from Atlanta to Athens in 2000. Jim came aboard just before our tour for The Optimist's Club in 2006 and has hung in there-- way to go, Jim! We put out a double album, Modern Silence in 2009, right about the time everyone stopped buying records and started putting them all over the internet for free. Drummers came and went. We even played a whole year with an iPod drummer. That was weird. We found Gregory by accident-- or was it fate?--, and now we are four.

You might ask what our music sounds like. That is a hard question to answer in first-person narrative. To avoid any unflattering self-evaluation, here are three reviews I like describing our music.
“Rocking from Athens, GA Casper & The Cookies are a fun little rock and roll band. They’re everything you like best about
The Monkees, Nick Lowe, the dB’s, XTC, Sparks, the B-52’s, and earlier Bowie all wrapped up in one colorful musical ribbon.”
--WXPN Blog
“Miles and miles of conceptual pop soundscape. An eternity of possibilities.” --Aiding & Abetting
“This is a band that embraces making challenging music. Their glossy surface is what makes them attractive.” --URB

The albums jump around a little bit stylistically. Some people like that, and some don't. If you don't like that we do that, sorry. Maybe you only eat one kind of food, too. We work hard to make our records the best they can be, which seems to be out of style right now in the rock world. It will be back in style later.

At our live shows we like to play with a lot of energy. Sometimes we dress up. It helps to distinguish the band from the audience.

We were recently named one of Thirty Great Athens Bands in Paste

In February, we opened for the B-52s for their 34th anniversary show at the Classic Center in Athens, GA. It was great.

We have also supported The Apples In Stereo, Deerhoof, Architecture in Helsinki, The Blow, and we got to be Daniel Johnston's backup band for a night. It was great.

Casper & the Cookies
contact: Jason NeSmith
[cell] 706-380-8855
[band site]