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Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Garage Rock




"Gaffa, August Issue, 2014"

here surfing, motor cycling and gazes out fine, but a little out of focus

A little different project where the main man Casper invite different people into realizing each number with a different crew. Common is a slacker / surfer guitar and indie sensation and a love for Jesus & Mary Chain. The slightly boyish vocals are casual over the guitars and works, but promises not much. The songs are obese and it works well with various inputs on the three numbers, but it's not completely under my skin.

Perhaps the lack of a real band that makes it less present and burning. There are lots of good ideas, and the mood of coked motorcycle indie hit pretty convincing. I think a producer would work more with the guitar and either get it completely into the mix or poking out completely. Right now you are in doubt about whether it is a slip or on purpose, and there is something annoying sought over the sound of it. I have previously praised one of Casper's former bands, and I am looking forward to this land completely, because he wrote some really good songs and hits a familiar atmosphere with slightly different means. - Gaffa

" - Casper Blanca feat. Jesus On Heroine – The Ballad of Louis & Anétte"

The Danish rock'n'roller, Casper Blanca, has launched a new project for themselves. Instead of having a fixed band, he invites one new band with every single. It is among others. been to three singles from rock'n'roll project, Casper Blanca.

The single The Ballad of Louis & Annette has become, in collaboration with the band Jesus On Heroine. The song is an edgy rock song with lots of laid-back attitude and wild musical rock references. His vocals are traditional for this genre.

The electric guitars are penetrating and clear, and cuts straight to the chase in pure ecstasy. The music video is shot by Dutch director Tom Marsiglia and takes place in a dirty and dilapidated building which fits well to the genre. Work with multiple layers of the same angle to force the psychedelic in song.

The project is exciting to follow. You can already find a few songs on Casper Blancas soundcloud. Appearing an EP this fall. -

"Bands of Tomorrow - Casper Blanca experimenting on exciting new EP"

27-year-old Casper Blanca has with its upcoming EP found a new and exciting project. Along with a handful of other artists is the release was an interesting result, packed with variation and input from skilled musicians.
When I first heard the singer Casper Blanca, I was immediately associations with Arctic Monkey's frontman Alex Turner. This is in itself a very fine compliment, but divers found further down in the singer's sound universe, there is much more to it than just raw attitude.
Rock'n'roll is the key word, and it's something Blanca deliver the best possible way. There are classic guitar riffs, as the great rock musicians did in the old days, but Blanca is still innovative in its EP and deserves a place in the spotlight.
After playing a number of years in different bands, decided Blanca decided not to stick to a single band, but instead invite a handful of bands and artists on the new EP. The result is On Top of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales), a publication of eight numbers where each number presents one or more new artists.
On Top of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales) is released tomorrow on September 6 via Excess Agenda Music.
You can hear and see more of Casper Blanca in the video for "The Ballad of Louis & Annette", which is visited by psych band Jesus On Heroine. - Bands of Tomorrow

"GfRock - Casper Blanca: On Top Of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales) **** (4/6)"

Casper Blanca deliver, not on the original, but stylish moped-garage-rock, the EP On Top Of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales).

This release is Casper Blancas first, and the project is a little whimsical size, as Casper has chosen to record EP with various bands and artists, among others Jesus On Heroin, Sandy Blue and Brave Coward. Therefore, I was a little afraid that the EP would be a confusing and disjointed experience, as many cooks it quickly can go and create a button so good right but thankfully my concerns proved groundless. The variety of artists is a breath of fresh air, and adds well with variety and variation, and fortunately Casper Blanca managed to keep a common thread throughout the EP.

On Top Of Sticky Fingers consists of 8 songs, and the sound is inspired by bands like The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Dandy Warhols, Oasis and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. All numbers are well played, with just the right "loose" feeling and the production is spot on, and faithful to the garage-rock, not too polished and not too clattering. However, the vocals are not the strongest, it does so it must, not more than that, and a few places on the EP I took myself cringe when the vocals were not quite spot on. But somewhere, fits the vocals actually nicely into the semi-clattering universe.

And EP also starts much clattering out, with a small authentic intro that very original baptized, "Intro (Songwriters Anthem)", where Casper Blanca solo on acoustic guitar, harmonica and some percussion, quietly shoots garage-rock the party started.

There is, of course, as I said 8 songs on the EP, and all is absolutely worth a listen, though it is not innovative or crazy original, it's some fine, durable, and not least, credible rock songs that easily can smoke on repeat the play list. The bottom level is high, no songs fall through, but there are two that stand out, in a good way.

In "The Ballad of Louis & Annette" Casper and Co., (Where "and Co." on this song is Jesus On Heroin), hit something that is not quite as inspired by the aforementioned artists, and delivers an original and well-composed number where the verse creeps along for hot asphalt, which is well lost on the chorus and "ahh ahh" choir is veldoseret and finely balanced, and puts the finishing touch on a great rock song.

Other song that sticks its nose up is "Camp Neverland". Yes, it smells perhaps a bit of The Dandy Warhols and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but without it slipping. A laid back rock song where you get sucked into a lighter steeped universe with lots of guitar-noise / shred, supported by a good melody, a strong verse and, not least, a vocal that sits right in the closet. Yes, here fits the vocals perfectly, and the entire album in this "universe" I would like to see a really cool number.

Overall, Casper Blanca & friends created an EP that is above average, eight strong songs where some are more original than others, but the common denominator is that the craft is in order and that Casper Blanca undoubtedly songwriter pen in his power. The only appeal I immediately have is that the vocals are sometimes not strong enough, and as written earlier, so it fits on most other wondrous way nicely into the musical universe. But having said that, then a little stronger vocal undoubtedly cloth songs. Despite that, I stick 4 stars on the hood of the moped on the fly, and look forward to it again comes a quick trip. - GfRock

"U&I Magazine, October Issue, 2014"

On page 26: - U&I Magazine

"Classic Rock Magazine, November Issue, 2014"

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Riders On The Storm. The children of The Doors have gathered in their masses, armed with pyschedelic death-wishes and some damn fine tunes, including Casper Blanca, She Hunts Koalas, Interstellar Overdrive, Stonebelly, Magic Shoppe and more… - Classic Rock Magazine


On Top of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales) released the 6th. of September, 2014.



Casper Blanca is nothing else but a guy from Copenhagen. He loves music and Rock'n'roll (is you haven't noticed this from listening to his music). Having said this we are dealing with a talented multi-instrumental musician, who is bored as hell with everything else than music and the glamorous wine-in-a-box lifestyle that comes with it.


While your old lady tends to get a bit pissed off when you sleep around, musical relationships presents different kinds of possibilities. So instead of forming a band Casper Blanca decided to dust of some old and new songs for his new EP, and invited different bands and musicians to feature on each one of them. The result was the “On Top Of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales)�, which was released in september 2014.

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