Christ's Outfall

Christ's Outfall

 Murrieta, California, USA

This is an effort long in the works, Christ's Outfall is the brian child of Jeff Cramer (Writer, guitar and bass), Shawn Staples on World Class lead Guitar. Robert Phillips on the drums. I hope you all enjoy the harder edge of Christian music as much as we enjoy making it.


Christ's Outfall - Jeff Cramer contacted me last year through Reverbnation and told me about his project to write, perform and record 10 to 12 original songs. He had about 5 complete at the time. We met up and he shared what he had with me. It was immediately inspiring to me. He has also recruited Shawn Staples a long time friend and former mutual band member of "Rucus" a local San Bernadino band back in the 80's to collaborate with lead guitar.

The story is in the early stages of being written. What will be, follow along to find out.

The music is largly influenced by many of the 80's, 90's and current rock bands, but is truely unique in style. The lyrics are hard hitting and direct.


The songs we are currently working on are:

Worth Dieing For
Cold Blue Steel
Just Me
Circles in the Sky
God Shaped Hole

None are ready for release yet, we are still in the recording stage of each.