Caspian is a flurry of energy. From the second they take the stage the demand the attention of everyone in the room. The band's religious views are also very evident on and off the stage. In all Caspian is more than a band but more of an experience.


Caspian is a young band with a BIG sound, making fans everywhere they travel through their relentless live show. It is obvious when watching their performance the amount of time the members have spent perfecting their craft. Many of the band members have been together for 3 years plus in different bands.

Caspian draws influences from a number of different bands: Everytime I Die, Haste The Day, Fear Before the March of Flames, Norma Jean, and many more...

After viewing the pure energy of their set, Caspian is not your normal hardcore band. Not to be lost among the countless "breakdown" bands that concentrate only on stage performance... Caspian brings a music that is truly living when experienced live. Many fans express that Caspian brought something more than a performance, they feel as an audience that they are some how involved in the creation of the show.

Caspian takes pride in their music and stage presence, but first and foremost they take pride in their religious convictions. Caspian is a Christian ministry dedicated to reaching kids within the hardcore scene.


The Downfall to Come Ep:
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Set List

All Original, 30-45 minutes...

1. Captain Optimism Stole My Car
2. Difference Holds the Key
3. Tidwell the Magnificent
4. Forgieners Can't Help It
5. The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session
6. Leading Ladies and Other Hollywood Heroes
7. Voy Al Conquisto El Mundo