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Caspian has risen from the ocean side obscurity of Boston's North Shore to become one of the major forces in the global instrumental rock scene and beyond. With a crushingly intense live show and the sophisticated nature of their recorded works, Caspian is poised to reach their widest audience yet.


When drowning in the appropriate sound, you find yourself achieving the same fundamental effects in your soul as coming up for air has on the body. Caspian is that appropriate sound. An instumental rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts formed in Autumn of 2003, these five young men have crafted a sound that is immediately riveting, emotionally devastating, and achingly passionate. Influenced in equal measure by the minimalist compositions of neo-classicists such as Arvo Part, to the full on rock crush of bands like Mono, Dredg and ISIS, topped off with the lush ambient stylings of artists like Eluvium, Stars of the Lid and Brain Eno, the music of Caspian is characterized by towering walls of sound, oceanic guitar work, viscious rhythmic elements and the basic core belief that their audience has an imagination worth trying to tap into and explore.

Take a walk around the bands home co-ordinates and you might find some clues. Tan stretches of sand and the infinite blue horizon of the Atlantic could be bigger influences here than anything else. The relentless seasonal cycle might explain the bands desire to cover everything from gentle and placid to furious and destructive, all while maintaining a unified musical sensibility, and a fierce sense of adventure. Live in an area like this and you're bound to create something hopeful, inspiring and downright massive. Caspian wants to bring you to places like this and to places we all havent seen yet. This is an adventure - You are invited.

Bands toured/played with:
The Appleseed Cast
The Life and Times
The Pony's
Tarantula A.D.
Red Sparrowes
Steve Brodsky (Cave In)

Caspian has completed 4 full tours of the United States and Canada to promote their two official releases and have plans to promote their new record "The Four Trees" at home and abroad in 2007-2008.


"You Are The Conductor" CDEP Released November 12, 2005 by Dopamine Records, distributed exclusively by NAIL distribution. Available from online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and InSound and from most major and independant local retailers.

"The Four Trees" CDLP Released April 10, 2007 in North America by Dopamine Records, and May 2, 2007 in Japan by XTAL Recordings. Available from online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and InSound and from most major and independant local retailers.

Set List

Caspian has 2 hours of performance ready material. The band performs tracks from their unreleased demo, nationally released EP, and new material from their forthcoming full length album in Spring 2007.

Song titles:
Sea Lawn
Book Nine
Further Up
Further In
Last Rites
For Protection
The Red Darling

Caspian recomends being hosted by venues that can accomodate their large volume.