Cass & Billy Band

Cass & Billy Band


Cass & Billy TRIO / Cass & Billy BAND (with drums) = We love many styles of music and strive to play great variety of music to the absolute best of our ability! Dance halls, corporate events, house concerts, fairs, festivals, private parties, etc.


Cass Hunter is a singer/songwriter who has performed professionally since 1991. Highlights include the 101st Airborne's "Enduring Freedom Concert" concert in June, 2002 - duet with Colte Bradley and finale' with George Jones, LeRoy Parnell & The Whites, eight "Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree" performances, and opening for Marty Stuart at a private event in July, 2003. Full bio available at

Billy Hillman has been playing guitar since his early teens. He has formulated his unique sound by integrating elements of country, rock, blues, and swing. With his articulate finger-picking, Billy weaves melody into each song's chordal structure to create a distinct playing style. Nashville Studio Musician. Guitarist for national touring artists including David Ball (8 yrs), Sara Evans, and Steve Holy.
Grand Ole Opry performances - many times.
Televised performances on the following television programs: House of Blues, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Austin City Limits, The Statler Brothers Show, Prime Time Country, and Music City Tonight.
Nicknamed by fellow musicians as the "wiz" in his recording studio, Billy produced an album for Texas Artist, Micah Sims, in 2004, and the joint project with Cass Hunter, "Cass & Billy - Honey House," in Nov. 2006.


Cass Hunter: "My First Album / Cass 2000" - Feb. of 2000.

Billy Hillman: "The Real Thing" with Monty & the Pythons

Cass & Billy - "Honey House" Nov., 2006 First album together!

Set List

4-hr. show = 3 hours of music.
3-hr. show = 2 1/2 hours of music.

20% original music & 80% covers for 3-4 hr. show.
Shorter show, higher percentage of originals.

Songlists are compiled from our favorites from a variety of styles. Traditional country music lovers, Americana supporters, fans of singer/songwriters love us. Fans of rap or heavy metal hate us! (Not trying to narrow our audience, but if those genres are what's expected from us at a would be a long night for everyone involved!)
We do mix it up quite a bit in attempt to keep the country & rock fans satisfied musically. We may play Patsy Cline, then CCR, then Duke Ellington, then the Beach Boys, then Johnny Cash, then the Doobie Brothers, an original, then Bob Wills.... just as an example. With mandolin, a killer guitarist, and upright bass, we tend to put our own spin on rockers like "Crossroads" by Eric Clapton, and "Me & Bobby McGee," it's always one of our requests, yet the rocking request