Cassandra Kubinski

Cassandra Kubinski


"Vocal ability and passion to rival the greats, songwriting with the depth and range of a hit writer twice her age- I predict she'll be a household name" -Mark Saxon, Songwriters Guild of America Smart, sensual, sassy piano-based pop/rock- like Fiona Apple on uppers, or a more fiery Norah Jones


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The Record- HOLD THE SUN
“Hold the Sun” is NYC songwriter/singer Cassandra Kubinski’s full-length follow up to the acclaimed 2005 EP “hiding underneath.” The more organic pop/rock/jazz sound of “Hold the Sun” shows an evolution and maturation from the pop sound of “hiding,” but keeps the sassy and intelligent lyrics, sparkling piano playing, and crystal voice Kubinski has become known for. Evoking at times Tori Amos, Norah Jones, Natalie Maines, and Carole King, the collection of songs on “Hold the Sun” reflects a writer coming of age; it deals with ambition for the future, reflections rooted in the past, and of course, love. In her own words: “I wanted this record to be more honest and spontaneous than “hiding underneath” was, and to reflect my rock influences more. After touring for 2 years behind “hiding” and working with so many other writers and artists, I wanted to capture performances that were more “live” sounding, both from my musicians and myself.” The result is an album of nuanced vocal performances, ranging from the fire and rough passion of “Ride Alone” and “Racecar” to the bittersweet regret of “Echoes” and “Hardly Is A Love Song” to the naked, grateful romance of “Cradle the Moon.” “My biggest influence as a writer is probably Billy Joel…the range of emotions he covers on each album, the honesty and immediacy of his lyrics, and his sense of humor.” The independently funded and released album is co-produced by Cassandra and Doug Bull.

The Songwriter
Kubinski has spent the last few years playing NYC (Cutting Room, Living Room, Bitter End, Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall), the Northeast, and as far as Germany. Along the way, she’s kicked off a reputation as an award-winning, creative, ambitious songstress, garnering accolades from the Billboard World Song Contest (3rd place Pop winner for “Wherever You Wait”), Positive Pop (digital distro winner for “Cradle the Moon”), and major industry organizations (showcases for Songwriters Hall of Fame, Songwriters Guild of America, BMI, Songwriter’s Circle). She’s also the winner of the prestigious 2006 Abe Olman award, given to the year’s most promising songwriters from the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the 2007 Anna Sosenko Assist Trust grant. On tour, Kubinski has been seen opening for Anna Nalick, the October Project, and Ingram Hill, among others. You can find her music distributed through her website,, as well as on iTunes and on terrestrial and internet radio stations (WFUV, Harris Radio, etc.) and podcasts worldwide. She tours with her guitarist, James Adamo, and often plays with a rotating cast of well-known musicians in NYC. Her latest project is contributing songs and appearing as Sam in “Clear Blue Tuesday,” the rock movie/musical slated for Festival release in Winter 2008.

The Back Story
Cassandra Kubinski began her performing career in Enfield, CT, where she was raised. She squeaked out “Somewhere Out There” at the ripe age of 3, and there was no shutting her up after that. At 13, she began her professional performing career, playing “Annie” in the 20th anniversary revival of the show at its birthplace, the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT. Other leading theatre roles followed, as well as film and TV performances with Michael J. Fox in “Spin City,” and Anna Paquin and Sean Connery in the film “Finding Forrester.” She is a graduate of Florida State University and continues to act in New York theatre and film productions, including roles at Lincoln Center and off-Broadway.

In Her Spare Time…
Cassandra is involved as a volunteer performer for LifeBeat, the music industry’s AIDS-fighting organization, and received the 2006 Bob Caviano Service Award for her dedication to the cause.
She is also a published writer/reviewer for,, and Music News Nashville, educational and networking websites for songwriters.

She is short (5 feet), a certified dark chocoholic, and a Leo… which explains a lot.

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Written By: Cassandra Kubinski

© 2005 Cassandra Kubinski

VERSE Drizzle, drizzle falls the rain
Head down, I finally found the pain
That resonates from inside out tonight.
And on this Lower East Side street
My triumphs and my present meet
To question me, if where I am is right

PRE CHOR I can still hear Daddy saying, “you should know I’m proud”
Then too many voices from before, they grow too loud
They’re just

CHORUS Echoes in my mind
Echoes of a time
The climb was not so steep
And I’m hopin’ the echoes in my mind
Echoes in time
Echoes will let me sleep.

VERSE It’s not my fault, I got distracted
Love and monthly rent detract
From taking home the trophy every day.
The laughter of my old best friend
It fades, delays, but never ends
I wonder, was it me who pulled away?
I can’t take these


BRIGDE I hear the cheers of years I thought I had it all
But champions can’t rise, only fall
Now I’m here, and I fear that who I am can’t last,
I’m not my past, but it won’t stop calling


Ride Alone

Written By: Cassandra Kubinski

© 2006 Cassandra Kubinski

VERSE Baby, do you feel the earth shakin’ around you,
And are you afraid?
You should be, ‘cause I won’t slow down for anybody,
And you’re in my way.

PRECHOR If I had a dime for every single time
I let you take my dream, break my self esteem
And tell me how I had to be, I’d be a millionaire

CHORUS So ride off into the sunset
I’m not gonna be cryin’ here on my own
I don’t need you in my ear now, sayin’ how to steer now, get out
I’m gonna RIDE ALONE.

VERSE Guess what? I’ve had enough of lying down
And taking the crack of your whip.
I realized I don’t have to stay tied
To the chains that fall from your lips.


BRIDGE I’m gonna ride alone
You don’t design the fire in my mind,
And I’m gonna ride alone.

Bet you thought that all your petty lies
Were gonna keep me down
‘Cause you keep on riding on top,
But who’s on top now?

I’ve had enough, this is where you get off…

Lime Green Taxi

Written By: Cassandra Kubinski/Jennifer Marks

A SECTION I go to the trouble of believing in myself
I go to the trouble of putting my fears on the shelf
And I try to keep it real,
But I still feel
Like a LIME GREEN TAXI in New York.

A SECTION I drive downtown, trying to collect my fare
I stare in the rearview at the backseat, no one’s there
No matter where I go,
I am exposed
Like a LIME GREEN TAXI in New York.

B SECTION Slowly crawling through the traffic
Down Broadway,
A crazy maze of lights and faces,
Still can’t find my place, my way

A SECTION The road’s never even, even after all these miles
I drive by the rules, but they don’t always apply
The pedal’s at my heel,
But I still feel
Like a LIME GREEN TAXI in New York.

B SECTION Wind my way through blocks with strangers,
Listening to their dreams
All of them are getting closer,
Everyone but me, it seems

A SECTION The engine’s running, I got clear skies and bright sunshine
I know where I’m going, and what I want; I’ll be fine
I’m behind the wheel,
But I still feel
Like a LIME GREEN TAXI in New York,
I'm a LIME GREEN TAXI in New York.


Written By: Cassandra Kubinski


VERSE I am right outside the door of where I want to be.
I can peek in through the keyhole, but can’t find a key.
I got angels all around me, but I still feel alone
So I go back to when I was four,
Sliding on my kitchen floor,
Faster than anyone…

CHORUS I am a racecar, and I’m speeding
Past the wreckage of my bleeding life.
I am a racecar and I’m speeding
Past my bleeding life,
I’m gonna be all right.

VERSE I am funny, I am colorful, usually,
But sometimes the dark inside surprises even me.
I compare myself, don’t share myself till I can’t feel.
So I go back to when I was four,
Sliding on my kitchen floor,
I just get behind the wheel, and…


BRIDGE Spin my wheels through turns I might have taken,
Close my eyes and hope when I awaken, when I awaken

CHORUS I’ll be a racecar and be speeding…
I’ll be a racecar and be speeding
Past my bleeding life,
I’m gonna be alright.

I am right outside the door of where I want to be…

Cradle the Moon

Written By: Cassandra Kubinski


VERSE It’s more than a storm
My life hurricane
It’s all slipping through my hands
Like teardrops and rain.

I passed by a church,
Stood silent outside,
A bus and a puddle met…
I just broke down and cried.

CHORUS And I get so defeated, just tryin’ to hold on
When I can’t hold my head up, my spirit is gone,
Then I come home to you, when I’m safe in your arms,
I can hold the sun, and CRADLE THE MOON.

VERSE I get so tense
You show me a place
A place I can balance out
My grit and my grace

CHORUS I am tangled in skyscrapers, stuck on the ground
And I can’t hold my head up from feeling so down
But I come home to you, you remind me of how
I can hold the sun, and CRADLE THE MOON.

BRIDGE Oh, how you comfort me!
Do you know what that means to me?
When all of my dreams seem stuck behind bars
You give me the stars!

CHORUS And I get so defeated, just tryin’ to hold on
When I can’t hold my head up, my spirit is down
I’m still holding on to what my life ought to be
But I can barely hold on to my sanity
But it never fails, baby, you’re always there showing me
I can hold the sun, I can hold the sun, I can hold the sun


"Hold the Sun" 2007
Purchase at, iTunes, CD Baby, etc.

"Hiding Underneath" EP, 2005.
Purchase at, CD Baby, and all digital outlets, including iTunes.
Terrestrial and internet radio play from CT to Hawaii.

"Live from Kalehoff Studios", 2004. Recorded at Kalehoff Studios, Chelsea, NYC.

"7 Tracks", 2003. Not commercially available.

Set List

FOR BOOKING, contact Manager Joel Ehrlich of The Harmony Entertainment Group.

Up to three (3) 45-60 minute set(s), depending on venue's request. Specific songs can be incorporated if requested far enough in advance.

A list of Cassandra's commercially released songs:

1. Save You Tonight
2. Hiding Underneath
3. Never Enough
4. Wherever You Wait
5. Cradle the Moon

1. All You Have to Do
2. Twisted
3. You Make Me
4. Ride Alone
5. Cradle the Moon
6. Echoes
7. Like Only Lovers Can
8. She's Gonna Make You Want Her
9. Somebody Told Me
10. Hardly Is A Love Song
11. Halfway to Heaven
12. Lime Green Taxi
13. How'd I Get So Lucky?

Other unreleased tracks:

Another Time
Is This A Bad Time?