When Lucy and Oli got together over mutual love of bands like Kraftwerk and Led Zeppelin, the last thing they expected was that their moment of crowning glory would be providing music for the World Darts coverage on the BBC.

But yes, as fate would have it, they achieved that unexpected glory in January 2010. Not an obvious match made in heaven, but ‘Friend of Foe’, a tender song about questioning a friend is now immortalised amongst gold chains, beer bellies and ladies with biceps and tats. It is a true honour.

Indeed one which neither support gigs with the Human League at Hammersmith Apollo nor playing the Big Chill could have prepared them for. These were gigs which also came about in an unexpected fashion – the first they learned about exactly 3 weeks before they were due to walk on stage in front of 3000 people to support one of the UK’s foremost electro pioneers; the second they found out about exactly 4 days before they were due on the dance stage. Suffice to say, Cassette Electrik are pretty practised at pulling a quality live stage act out of the bag at the last minute and have proved several times they can do it, and do it well.

They are currently working on their second, yet to be named, album. Whilst their first album, ‘Electromagnetic’ was an opener into the minds of Cassette Electrik, with lush harmonies and a more orchestral feel, the new album will see a more stripped down, dance-hungry vibe and takes in collaborators such as Trademark's Oli Horton (on ‘28 Days’). Having had a taste of those huge sound systems with sound men who actually want to make them LOUD, they want to hear their new tunes on the big stage once more.

Cassette Electrik are Oli Freke and Lucy Bugiel. Oli was destined to make love to a mixing desk from an early age, having served his apprenticeship in the legendary Metropolis Studios, serving tea to classic rock icons Queen as a young wide-eyed teenager back in the 80's. Since then he's trodden an eclectic path through the London dance scene with hard trance releases such as ‘Radium’, on Impact Records, which made Radio 1's Essential Selection and performed at Brixton Academy with previous act Contact Assist. He’s also performed at Glastonbury with Brazilian Maracatu band Estrela do Norte.

Lucy on the other hand served her teenage years closeted in her room rocking out to Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin. Several bands and a good few years later, she has gained her performing stripes with both acoustic and dance acts, the most recent before meeting Oli being audio-visual expansionists Popdamage when they recreated the KLF's Chillout album (never previously performed live, even by KLF themselves) at the Big Chill in 2005.

They are joined on stage by Des, otherwise known (on BBC Stoke, at least) as ‘The Hat’ and behind the scenes by bearded mavericks and visual artistes, the Flippers.


2006: A Little Respect EP
2007: The Smartest Bomb EP
2007: Electromagnetic [Album]
2008 28 Days EP
2009 The Smartest Bomb is featured on Electronically Yours Vol.1, (Undo Records / EMI)

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