Cassidy Trom

Cassidy Trom

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Fan of words so thick you can taste them, music so sweet it stings, and stories so simple they break your heart.

Band Members

  • Cassidy Trom Guitarist, Vocalist

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Lie to Me

Written By: Cassidy Trom

I am thirty-nine
I live my life on the borderline
A thin gray wall where space and time
Don’t know how to meet

Take my words and dance
Weigh my circumstance
Leave me nothing but a chance
Of losing everything

Lie to me, tell me
Something that I haven’t heard before
Play with me, toy with me
Say you’ll never leave so I’ll be sure
Then set your suitcase down
And please baby lie to me once more

These brown fields are vacant space
A tribute to this lonely place
Where I am lost with just your face
And nothing by my side

Replay memories
Reminisce about early springs
The snow, the rush of everything
Feeling so alive


Count my dresser drawers
List your fears by fours
Latch your luggage, pull the door
Softly as you leave

I will sleep ‘til noon
The sky still dark outside my room
The wheel beneath your palms is smooth
The road is beckoning