Cassie Norton

Cassie Norton


Thoughtful lyrics, and detailed instrumental arrangements. I have travelled down a long road of music through classical training as a child to playing in many bands in multiple countries (as a violinist). Somewhere along that road I discovered my own voice, and have been pursuing it ever since.


I am a songwriter originally from Guelph, Ontario, and currently of no fixed address. I lived in Montreal for six years where I played and recorded with a number of bands as a violinist (including Sarah Mangle's "wet nosed hero", and with Dan Mckell from "Lake of Stew"). I recorded my first album "Little strength" a month before leaving Montreal for South Korea. In South Korea I played as a violinist with many bands including "Bridget and the Puppycats". I recorded my second album "The Quiet Wilderness" a month before leaving Korea. Significant members of this project are: Peter Goodwyn (drums), and Jung Mina (gayageum). My music tends to be influenced by places. All of the songs on "The Quiet Wilderness" are about places in Korea. I do all of my own string arrangements in an attempt to shape the lyrics with music. I am open to music from all over the world. I spent some of my time in Korea playing with and learning from traditional musicians. I have spent the last 5 months studying south Indian classical music in Chennai, and will be spending the next 2 in Canada. I am influenced by such a large variety of music the list would be either too long or meaningless. Please listen for yourself, and decide where I came from.


Little Strength 2009
The Quiet Wilderness 2010