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"Cassie Steele Goes Hollywood"

You may recognize Cassie Steele as a star of the popular TV show Degrassi: Next Generation. But the 19-year old Canadian actress, who plays Manny Santos on the program, isn’t settling for the acting success she’s found on Degrassi. Instead, she’s on her way to adding “accomplished music artist” to her resume. Cassie has already toured around Canada twice, and is settling in Los Angeles to focus on her music career.

Tuning into Cassie’s album Destructo Doll (available now) will instantly channel the classic rock chick in you. Citing guitar god Jimi Hendrix and rock legend Bob Dylan as influences, Cassie isn’t following in the bubble-gum footsteps of other television actresses-turned-singers. We absolutely love Cassie’s soulful vocal performances; her voice is one of a confident female lead singer of a kickin’ rock band.

“Mr. Colson” is a feisty rocker that proves that Cassie stays true to classic rock ‘n’ roll. The bluesy “Hollywood” shows off the singer’s strong vocal talent in a groovy, melodic guitar-laced track. She also releases her laid back side on the smooth “Summer Nights.” The album’s lyrics are honest and blunt, and it’s apparent that Cassie has nothing to hold back.

Grab a look at Cassie’s “Mr. Colson” music video.

Cassie isn’t deserting the Degrassi crew, though! Be sure to catch her and the rest of the gang with the two hour TV movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood, premieres this Friday, August 14 on The N.

Do you dig Cassie’s music? Or would you rather just watch her on Degrassi? Blog it out, babes!

By: Haley Blum -


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CD Review: Cassie Steele
5 Jun, 2009

Cassie Steele
Title: Destructo Doll
Label: Self-Released
Year: 2009
Rating: 3 / 5

Sassy, seductive, mature and talented. Cassie Steele (Yes, that’s Manny Santos to some of you), actress/singer, is holding nothing back and letting it all go on her latest release, Destructo Doll. The album is a straight up rock record that’s immersed in pop sensibilities, tackling issues such as love and growing up. Cassie’s vocal performance on her latest offering is simply powerful and provocative. The hot and bothered “Mr. Colson” has a great spicy groove coupled by Cassie’s sensually powered vocal overtones. “You and I” brings out the lovely delicate side of Cassie’s vocal style complete with soul-testifying lyrics on the one and only ballad of the album. Flamenco inspired “Summer Nights” is the definite winner of the album with Cassie exposing her sexy intentions and heated emotions coupled by a great sensous groove, perfect for those erotic summer nights. Led Zeppen-ish “Go Dark” is my personal fav. off the album with it’s rock moments that remind me of great soft rock songs like Bad Company’s “Are You Ready For Love.” The production of the album sounds great and compliments Cassie’s vocal deliver and atmosphere to its full extent. The musical direction of the album really pulls everything into perspective with Cassie manning the wheel, steering in the right direction. One thing that really struck me about Cassie Steele is how she’s grown and she wants everyone to know about it. That type of attitude goes a long way musically, especially when you go out of your way to point it out. Destructo Doll might not be the album of the year but it surely holds substance. But one thing’s for sure, Cassie Steel is all grown up and ready to rock.

By: Gian Erguiza - FRANTIK

"New Music Critiques"

In the tradition of Pat Benatar and Patty Smythe, Cassie Steele deploys an ample amount of rocker chick swagger. Propelled by heavy guitar riffs, "Groupie" is a slinky, sexy rocker with brief but searing solo work and some electro effects bubbling beneath. Cut from similar cloth is "Mr Clson" (a put-down song) and "Rock Star Beau." Her voice is powerful and agile, hitting all the notes. The rich production quality gives Steele and her bandevery advantage, but not enough to hide the fact that the material is altogether formuliaic.

SCORE: 7.0 - Music Connection


"How Much For Happy"
"Destructo Doll"
"Life Is A Show" Canadian Airplay-soundtrack song for Degrassi TNG
2009- Single
"Something Sexy"



Although she began her musical career in the 21st century, Cassie Steele draws inspiration from musical greats who walked (and rocked) decades before. With heroes like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elliott Smith and The Clash, Steele’s music exhibits a self-assuredness, grittiness and passion that belies the fact that she’s only nineteen years old.

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1989, Steele wasted no time immersing herself in the arts. As a first grader, she began crafting her own made-up songs to go with her poetry, then began taking singing lessons, following a very early musical stage career made possible by her family: “Karaoke geeks,” says Cassie with a smile.

A natural performer, Cassie has been a regular cast member on Degrassi: The Next Generation since she was eleven years old, growing up onstage as her character Manny Santos. At the age of thirteen Cassie wrote and recorded the song “Prayer,” which was used nationally to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and first brought Cassie’s musical abilities to the fore. A successful debut album, How Much For Happy? was released in 2005, followed by two Canadian tours, highlighting Cassie’s evolving talents as a singer, songwriter and performer.

All of this leads up to Cassie Steele 2009. She’s got a new CD, Destructo Doll, ten songs, produced by SuperSpy, that she’s written which reflect the life experience of a wise-beyond-her-years nineteen year old. The music rocks hard-- really hard-- at times, then transitions into a gorgeous mid-tempo sonic landscape. “You and I” is a love song, stunningly honest and simple in its beauty, and masterfully showcases the nuances of Cassie’s voice.

That voice turns, well, Steeley, as Cassie ups the volume and rocks with wild abandon on “Groupie,” “Rock Star Beau,” and “Monster,” a playful nod to fellow Canadian musicians Heart. With “Mr. Colson,” her breathy delivery is reminiscent at times of Chrissie Hynde

“This record is much more my baby as opposed to the last one—I was so young and really, how much life experience did I have at that point? This time around, I felt like I had a point of view, you know?”

She’s not a particular fan of the recording process: “I don’t like being cooped up in a little box. I like to talk to people. I like being social.” The stage is where she thrives, loving every bit of the instant feedback she gets from audiences.

Not surprisingly, Cassie is most looking forward to getting on the road and showing off her new music in a live setting, along with all that the touring life brings with it. Backstage deli platters hold a certain allure for her as well: “I really like free food,” she says, “especially potatoes.”