Cassie Threlkeld

Cassie Threlkeld

 Herrin, Illinois, USA

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Perfect Fit

Written By: Cassie Threlkeld

After everything this is it. Never let you go, No matter how hard this gets. Never turning back, show me the way, It's like a dream, It's more than words can say. So lets write a fairytale and show them how we feel, You know our love will never fail. It will never fail, losing ourselves in what is real.

Were giving it our all. No matter what they say, I knew we'd never fall. It gets better everyday. You look in my eyes and take my breath away. Losing me in our yesterdays, our tomorrows and not thinking of our sorrows, This is it, This is how perfect we fit.

No matter how hard they've tried, they will never see. Never giving up on what were supposed to be. It's a long way down, but your always there to save me. This road might be long, but by your side, I know it can't be wrong.

When I look at you next to me, everything I ever wanted is all I see. Nothing heals my soul more than you, No one can make me whole like you do. You've given me everything, with no regrets, it was all worth everything and its not over yet. Never losing you this is it, this is how perfect we fit.