Cassi Whisman

Cassi Whisman


With driving electric guitar, powerful lyrics, and a unique alto voice, Cassi Whisman is not your ordinary girl solo artist. Influenced by bands such as Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet, Cassi delivers a relevant message to this hurting generation through the vehicle of hard driving rock.


I have been playing guitar for 8 years, and have been singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember. I also play some bass and piano. Music is woven into my's part of me. Using it for myself would be worthless. I want to show others how amazing my Lord Jesus Christ is through the songs I write, because it is the best way I know how to express that. My dream is to use the musical gifts God has given me to glorify Him and show others the hope, love, and life found in Jesus.


Till The End

Written By: Cassi Whisman

Running the race, slowing my pace, pain on my face - I'm tired
From running fast then moving past the limit that I have
The finish line I will not find for a long time - I'm weary
I need restored, want something more, crave something for endurance

The weight of the world is on my shoulders
I wanna give up right now
I can't keep living like this much longer
I want to throw in the towel
But then You come in and You surround me
You pick me back up again
You reassure me that you'll be with me
You'll always be till the end

Verse 2:
Scaling this peak makes me so weak, it's getting steep - I give up
The more I climb the less I find I have the drive to reach the top
I'm stopping here, have too much fear, doubt in my ear whispering
There is no way for me to say that on this day I gave my all

When I am weak you make me strong
When I want to quit you help me move on
When I'm afraid you let me know
That you will never let me go

Jumpstart My Heart

Written By: Cassi Whisman

Verse 1:
I’ve had enough of waiting
Here in this room
I need to stop the pacing
And make an exit soon

Pre-Chorus 1:
I found an open door
And I’m ready to get out
What am I waiting for
I need to leave now

Jumpstart my heart
Before it stops
With power off the charts
That no one can top
Set it aflame
Let it burn in me
Don’t wanna be the same
As I used to be

Verse 2:
I’ve had enough of sleeping
All the days away
I need to stop believing
That everything’s okay

Pre-Chorus 2:
I’m finally awake
And I need to get up
It was a big mistake
Now it’s time to run

Only you can do it
But I have to choose it
My heart can’t beat by itself
Only you can save me
Please resuscitate me
I wouldn’t trust anyone else


Written By: Cassi Whisman

Verse 1:
They say you will never amount to anything and
They say no one cares what you want to do with your life

Pre-Chorus 1:
They don't see the value that you have inside
They don't see the person God Himself designed

Why do you let them tell you how much you're worth?
Why do you validate opinions of the earth?
You know that what they say is for their benefit
You know that what God thinks is just the opposite

Verse 2:
They say no one like you could ever change the world and
They say your face blends with all the others in the crowd

Pre-Chorus 2:
They don't see how great your potential is
They don't see how you are such a precious gift

Your creator loves you
More than you'll ever know
He's given you purpose
Let the world see your glow


Written By: Cassi Whisman

Seems like everywhere I move
There is someone looking to
Trip me up and make me fall
Trying to break my wall
I can't escape it, yes I've tried
Means I'm gonna have to fight
I can't do it by myself
I'm gonna need God's help

There's an enemy that's trying to hurt us all
They'll take any chance they get big or small

They're out there waiting for the
Perfect moment to destroy us
If we stand strong in our fortress
We won't be touched, we can't be crushed
It's something we cannot see
But it's so real to you and me
Let's get down on our knees
Ask God for strength to overtake the enemy

Verse 2:
Seems like every word I say
Gets twisted the wrong way
Words I never ever spoke
Make me go up in smoke
I've tried to shake it but I can't
I've taken every single chance
To clean up all the damage from
The opposer's hit and run

Pre-Chorus 2:
There's an army out there waiting to attack
There can't be a second when we turn our backs

We've got to be aware
There's tension in the air
But do not despair
Cuz our God will be there

Thousands of Faces, One Broken Heart

Written By: Cassi Whisman

This song was written for the Trafficked organization. Trafficked exists to raise awareness about the realities of the sex trade and raises money to aid girls recovering from this trauma. For more information, go to

Verse 1:
Sitting on the bed
Waiting in lonely dread
For another man she's never seen
Right now she feels so unclean

Pre-Chorus 1:
It doesn't have to be like this
It isn't why she exists

She's seen thousands of faces
But she still feels all alone
Through the room she paces
Wishing that she had a home
She can't mend her broken heart
Cause it's already torn apart

Verse 2:
After he's done
She just wants to run
But there's nowhere to go
This is all she knows

Pre-Chorus 2:
It doesn't have to be like this
She has so much to give

The least we can do is pray
For help to get on its way
She can't go another day
Living with all this pain

Chorus 2:
She's seen thousands of faces
But she still feels all alone
Through the room she paces
Wishing that she had a home
Jesus can mend her heart
With His love set apart


Written By: Cassi Whisman

I can't hold it together
I can't clean up this mess
I cannot stop the worry
I don't know what comes next

My soul thrives on Your love
Why did I run from You?
With Your grace from above
Please will You make me new

You rescue me from the fire that burns
From the winds that turn this world upside down
You save me from this raging flood
With Your perfect love that captures my soul

Verse 2:
I cannot tread this water
Can't overcome the waves
I cannot see the storm pass
It'll stay here for days

Pre-Chorus 2:
I have no strength in me
I need Your's oh so bad
Take just one look and see
Without You I'd go mad

Without You I lose control
I need You even more
Than I did before

Silent Tragedy

Written By: Cassi Whisman

Verse 1:
Terror on their face
Images they can't erase
What has taken place
Is the reality they must face every day

Chorus 1:
Their lives torn in two
They can't imagine it without you
But they must move forth
Or death will open another door

Verse 2:
A solution so permanent
Problems so temporary
You were never meant
These burdens to carry

Chorus 2:
Now comes the regret
Maybe there's something they could've said
How were they to know
Since you never told?

I know for sure people hurt you
I know for sure it cut deep, so deep
I know for sure God loves you
And He's the one you should seek, so seek

The Truth Is...

Written By: Cassi Whisman

I've been thinking that You've been trying to tell me something
I cannot learn, refuse to learn and
I've been wondrin' why I keep making the same mistakes
Over and over and over again and I
I try to keep myself in line

The truth is, I can't do this even if I try
The truth is, I need your help to destroy this lie

Verse 2:
I've been thinking that I can become better if
If I try my very best and
I've been wondrin' what exactly better is
And if I've even reached it yet and
It's no use, I should just stay with You

I can never be perfect
That's not what God expects
Only with His help
Can I do my best


Written By: Cassi Whisman

Static in the airways
Jamming up the signals
I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you
Poison in my veins
Slowing down the vitals
I can’t feel you, I can’t feel you

So disconnected
I wanna scream
I want you in my head
If you know what I mean

Constantly pulling myself away from
The only One who’s there for me every day, but
Still you are there waiting for me to run
Back into your arms just like I used to do, yeah
I’m the prodigal

Blinders over my eyes
Blocking out the vision
I can’t see you, I can’t see you
Many miles of vast sky
Standing in between us
I can’t reach you, I can’t reach you

Unable to cope
I cannot breathe
But oxygen won’t
Give me what I need

I don’t wanna squander anymore
Will you please let me back through your door?
I don’t need to go back there again
Would you give me grace and take me in?

I can’t go one more second

Constantly pulling myself away from
The only One who’s there for me every day, but
Still you are there waiting for me to run
Back into your arms just like I used to do, yeah
I’m the prodigal
You welcome me back home