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2005 Self Release E.P. "Fallen Hope"
2006 Tour E.P. "I'm No Hero"
2007 Tour E.P. "Taken Under"

------------COMING SOON------------


Feeling a bit camera shy


The structure of CassoVita was formed in 2004 as a group called Fallen Hope, founded by guitarist Jacy Oliver and drummer Ben Durfee. Vocalist Jayson Grace was to join the lineup a short few months later. Throughout their first two years as a band, Fallen Hope was plagued with constant lineup changes due to an overall lack of dedicated musicians. However, amidst all their struggles, the group managed to play constant shows around northern New Mexico and record and self-release two E.P.’s. Fallen Hope soon became a Santa Fe favorite, earning themselves frequent publicity in the local newspaper (The New Mexican & The Pasatiempo) and drawing an average of 75 and occasionally near 100 people per show. As the prospect of touring became a reality for the group, guitarist Steve “Stee” Hilson joined the band, adding an entire new level of influence and inspiration to Fallen Hope’s already diverse foundation. Bringing immense contribution and productivity to the table, Hilson solidified the lineup. Thus, the group’s career as a touring band had begun. Steve immediately took the reigns as booking manager and, beginning in 2006, would eventually book the band three tours. By 2007 (while still named Fallen Hope) the band had played countless shows in nearly a dozen states for audiences of all ages. It was at this time the group recruited bassist Zac Hogan. Another layer of musicianship had been added and the amount of growth both as individuals and as a band was undeniable. Their music itself had matured, they developed tastes in genres they had never before explored and their sound had begun to stretch out far beyond the realm of metal. This change indicated it was time to evolve, time to harness their full potential as creative individuals and time to adopt a new alias; CassoVita. Since 2004 CassoVita have flourished in mass appeal by sharing the stage with countless devastating acts including:ION DISSONANCE, REFLUX, PSYOPUS, ON BROKEN WINGS, A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE, THE FUNERAL MARCH, FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW, IMPERIAL, WRENCHINTHEWORKS, THE TASTE OF SILVER, AND of course CAGEMATCH TO THE DEATH.

----------------UNITED STATES SUMMER TOUR 2008----------------


Wednesday 6/4 Santa Fe, NM Tuesday 7/8 Tulsa, OK
Thursday 6/5 Albuquerque, NM Tuesday 7/9 Wichita, KS
Friday 6/6 Los Cruses, NM Wednesday 7/10 Lawrence, KS
Saturday 6/7 El Paso, TX Thursday 7/11 Omaha, NE
Sunday 6/8 San Antonio, TX Friday 7/12 Denver, CO
Monday 6/9 Austin, TX Saturday 7/13 Boulder, CO
Tuesday 6/10 Dallas, TX Sunday 7/14 Provo, UT
Wednesday 6/11 Houston, TX Monday 7/15 SLC, UT
Thursday 6/12 Lafayette, LA Tuesday 7/16 Bozeman, MT
Friday 6/13 Baton Rouge, LA Wednesday 7/17 Great Falls, MT
Saturday 6/14 Pensacola , FL Thursday 7/18 Helena, MT
Sunday 6/15 Fort Myers, FL Friday 7/19 Missoula, MT
Monday 6/16 Miami, FL Saturday 7/20 Olympia, WA
Tuesday 6/17 Orlando, FL Sunday 7/21 Bellingham, WA
Wednesday 6/18 Jacksonville, FL Monday 7/22 Seattle, WA
Thursday 6/19 Atlanta, GA Wednesday 7/23 Portland, OR
Friday 6/20 Greenville, SC Thursday 7/24 Eugene, OR
Saturday 6/21 Richmond, VA Friday 7/25 Salem, OR
Sunday 6/22 Washington, D.C. Saturday 7/26 Portland, OR
Monday 6/23 Baltimore, MD Sunday 7/27 Portland, OR DAY OFF
Tuesday 7/24 Philadelphia, PA Monday 7/28 Sacramento, CA
Wednesday 6/25 NYC, NY Tuesday 7/29 Santa Rosa, CA
Thursday 6/26 Boston, MA Wednesday 7/30 San Francisco DAY OFF
Friday 6/27 Syracuse, NY Thursday 7/31 San Francisco, CA
Saturday 6/28 Ithica, NY Friday 8/1 Santa Cruz, CA
Sunday 6/29 Rochester, NY Saturday 8/2 L.A. CA
Monday 6/30 Cleveland, OH Sunday 8/3 L.A. DAY OFF
Tuesday 7/1 Detroit, MI Monday 8/4 L.A. DAY OFF
Wednesday 7/2 Grand Rapids, MI Tuesday 8/5 San Diego, CA
Thursday 7/3 Chicago, IL Wednesday 8/6 Victorville, CA
Friday 7/4 St. Louis, MI Thursday 8/7 Tucson, AZ
Saturday 7/5 Nashville, TN Friday 8/8 Phoenix, AZ
Sunday 7/6 Little Rock, AK Saturday 8/9 Albuquerque
Monday 7/7 Dallas, TX Sunday 8/10 Santa Fe, NM