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Listening to Cassowaries makes me wonder just how many little geeky oddballs there are across the country (or the world even) that are just sitting, holed up in their little bedrooms on the outskirts of their tiny towns, hunched over laptops and four-tracks, just churning out freaking awesome music for no other reason than that it is in them. Cassowaries is one of those multi-faceted buggers that simply can’t help but produce music in a wide array of genres, each at above average to genius level results. However, it is here on this little EP sized cassette called Blessed Be Is the New Godspeed that I’ve really been impressed. Spanning only five tracks, Cassowaries has come away with something of a glorious cluster of outsider pop gems reminiscent of that first wave of new weird Americans a few years back. Along with having an undying ear for infectious melodies, each song carries a wonderful depth, churning and morphing with wide eyed abandon at the limitless possibilities of music at the level of a 3 minute pop song. I’m really digging it. Oh, and as is common with the bedroom recording types, Blessed Be is lo-fi to the bone and charming in a way that that makes you remember the debut records of your favourite band when they were naïve and full of blissful urgency. I don’t know, something about this little tape just hits you in the gut with a bright rainbow of nostalgia while remaining completely and utterly fresh and refreshing. Confused? Sorry. All I can say is that tapes like Blessed Be Is the New Godspeed are the fuel for blogs like this. What Cassowaries has done here is a glorious tribute to the possibilities of can be achieved simply by having an imagination.

-Lil' Thistle -


08/05/1985 / CDr Single / 2007
Orniterrorism/Hawaii / 7" / 2008
A Ghost With Teeth / 3" CDr Split with Pssprtt / 2008
Blessed Be Is The New Godspeed / Cassette / 2009
Lake Loops / Cassette / 2009



Muddied Pacific psalms exalting coniferous and deciduous forests, natural bodies of water, weather, twilight, caverns, and the supernatural.