Castaway = Metal with a Message. What kind of change do you want?


A Castaway is one that has been banished from a place or task. Whether being shunned from society or from relationships, being a Castaway is something that most of us can identify with, and it is the mission of the band to bring music to those that are Castaways as the band too holds that name. The music of Castaway is heavy and strong and the lyrics are deep and mean more than one thing, and all of this is required because it is intensity, passion, agression and spirituality that is at the heart of being a Castaway. This Central Florida based band formed in November of 2003 and after a full album, tons of shows, and a few cast member changes, Castaway has transformed into an intense melodic metal band with hard rock influences. Although Castaway is hard to define since they have a style of their own, one can see influences from all sorts of metal ranging from Metallica to Cephalic Carnage, and the vocals can be compared to that of Godsmack and Opeth. Castaway’s goal, collectively and individually, is to bring forward music that can express all that the group believes in and that can also justly bring honor and power to the name of their God; Jesus Christ. Music with a message, whether good or bad will bring change. What kind of change do you want?


Sweating Blood

Written By: Steve Felix

Can a blessing be a curse?
It's so much more and so much Worse than the ordinary cry.
I feel Like I'm gonna die.
Father come save me if You can,
If and when it's in Your plan,
Unless it's all part of Your will
That Your Son be hung and killed.

Sweating blood on holy ground.
The weight of sin is heavy now.
Swords of hatred seek the crown.
Now that sin is crushing down.

Follow to the Olive Grove
And listen to the Olive Grove.
All of You will run away
And leave me on my dying day.
Then the traitor took his turn
With the kiss he chose to burn.
A tear then trickles down my face,
The Son of Man now meets His fate.

Why Do You Cry?

Written By: Steve Felix and Jessica Felix

You offered me eternity
Then I lived life selfishly
When all was well and going fine
I offered You so little time
And the I ask

Why do You cry?

When times got rough on my accord
I came to You, my last resort
The course gets narrow and I stray away
Still You come with open arms
And then I ask

I cry when you fall down
I died for you alone
I came you doubted me
I died upon the tree

Who Will Save Your Child?

Written By: Steve Felix

What if you heard the voice of the unborn child?
What if he had a choice is his life worthwhile?
What if tomorrow brings the singer of the song we sing?
What if you close his mouth, can he then say anything?

What if you heard the sound of the heartbeat's pound?
Would you walk away? Could you turn around?
What if you saw his face with his Father's eyes?
Would you walk away or would you aid his cry?

You've been forgiven now, your death has turned to life.
You have been saved from death, Who will save your child?


'Come Back To Me'- debut album
radio play:
89.3 FM- Brevard/Orlando, FL
91.5 FM- Brevard, FL
88.5 FM- Tampa, FL

Set List

Set is typically 30 min. (but can vary)

1. Exposure to the Pain of Suffering
2. 40 Days
3. Resurrection
4. Angels
5. Gavel to Grave
6. Sweating Blood