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New York, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

New York, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
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"singer-songwriter Ariana Castelli has taken to the upbeat and club beat mode of conveying her inspirational and liberating lyrical narratives derived of her own personal life experiences."

Ariana debuts with the powerfully narrative driven club anthem “LOVE is LOVE”, whereupon, it is also somewhat freeing to see Ariana holding down her lyrically on-point outpourings of empowering affirmation to a vibrant and catchy beat. Since, ballads are all fine and dandy and whilst not in anyway wanting to be scoffed at for their part in transmitting such gravitational and motivational substance of thought on this real life topic, we are heading towards summer for sakes, and well aren’t we all ready for something to shift us into the sunshine of moods?

Taking a stride here from Ariana’s message fuelled debut “LOVE is LOVE”, whose core communiqué is that of diversity and acceptance, it also can be adhered to the notion of seeing the light, enlightenment if you will. With that in mind, the message of the track is no less powerful and outreaching for having a bright and sunny club beat to take us there.

Besides the accompanying video offers up an equally empowering visual of story-told awareness which further enforces upon the heartening content expressed by the lyrics, by depicting an interracial couple overcoming parental criticism, as well as a young woman displaying confidence in her sexual identity. - EQ Music blog

"single and the video love is love"

The music video for “Love Is Love” features NFL player Erik Coleman and his wife Sabrina, as well as Grammy-nominated artist Sky Washington. The video includes an interracial couple overcoming parental criticism, as well as a young woman displaying confidence in her sexual identity. Directed by Kate Balandina, the video was shot in different locations in New York City. - http://queermeup.com

"Singer-songwriter Ariana Castelli has released her debut single Love is Love on iTunes."

The track was written by Castelli and remixed by DJ Paige.
In a release, Castelli said the song – described as a re-imagining of “club music as an outlet for cultural diversification and liberation” – was inspired by her real-life struggles coming out. - www.ontopmag.com

"singer-songwriter Ariana Castelli Releases Debut Single “Love Is Love”"

Out singer/songwriter Ariana Castelli has released her debut single, “Love is Love,” on iTunes. The melodic, energetic and emotionally empowering single was written by Ariana Castelli and remixed by DJ Paige. Inspired by Ariana’s real-life struggles as a member of the LGBTQ community, the song re-imagines club music as an outlet for cultural diversification and liberation.
Directed by Kate Balandina, the video, which was shot in different locations in New York City, features NFL player Erik Coleman and his wife Sabrina, as well as Grammy-nominated artist Sky Washington. - JaredBraden.com

"Performance at Fusion"

NEXT Magazine's photo coverage of Wednesday's FUSION event. - Next magazine

"My goal as an artist when it comes to social change is simple. We are all human and if I can help broken souls heal through my words, then my goal is accomplished."

Tell us a little about yourself and your background in music.
When I was four, my parents enrolled me in the Yamaha School of Music, where I began to take piano lessons. I began playing music solely by ear and composed my first piece of music. The older I got, the more my talents continued to progress. At the age of sixteen, my godfather brought me to Cove Studios in New York City to meet with Richie Jones. At the time, he was recording with J.Lo, Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, Marc Anthony, and many more. This was the beginning of a dream come true for me. I got to sing for Richie and he told me he thought I was talented. From that point I began vocal lessons with Don Lawrence. I realized that I wanted to learn to communicate with an audience through music. I enrolled in the SAE School of audio engineering in Manhattan, and from there I started working on scoring music on some independent films as well.

What was the motivation for this first single?
The motivation was my personal experience coming out. People of all ages feel they do not belong in today’s world because of their sexual orientation. I wanted to write a song that would speak to this particular issue, and reach out to these individuals who were frowned upon. My single allows individuals to understand that they are not alone and that it does get better. If my words and music can help the world know that, no matter the color, religion, or sexual orientation, love is love is love, then I have accomplished my goal.

Many of the topics in your video, such as homophobia, racism, and bullying are very hot right now. What are you hoping to add to the discussion?
I’m hoping to reach the hearts and souls of people who have been affected, or are being affected, by homophobia, racism, and bullying through my lyrics.

Do you consider yourself a gay artist?
I am openly gay; however, my music is not only aimed at the LGBT community.

Many artists, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Macklemore have loudly spoken against homophobia and racism. Do you feel like being gay adds something to that message?
I commend, respect, and support these artists for taking a stand. Personally being gay adds a lot to the message, given the fact that I have gone through it firsthand. Therefore, I believe I add a fresh and more personal perspective to these particular issues. - http://anoliemagazine.com


Still working on that hot first release.



From the age of 4 when she was enrolled in Yamaha School of Piano, Castelli has been on the road to an inevitable career in music. It was Richie Jones who first introduced her to her vocal coach, Don Lawrence, but it was the struggles of life that extracted the boundless beats from within her.

Like any natural musician, Castelli was able to pick up chords and melodies by the sense of sound alone. Her self-confidence came from writing and composing songs, participating in her school’s chorus, and choreographing dances for her teachers, friends and family. She was even recognized for her musical accomplishments by the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA).

Against her family’s wishes of an education at a general institution, her rebellious side saw to it that she’d enroll at New York’s SAE institute for music. Fighting to gain recognition and respect in a male-dominated industry, Castelli shone bright at SAE though her ability to compose and produce. But gender inequality wasn’t the only beast she was battling – a movement for the LGBT community was taking place and the industry was skewed by the falsity that music could never be represented by bisexual or gay artists. But this didn’t stop her from becoming a role model and a musical icon for pop music and sociological progression alike; she is currently a proud member of the LGBT community and stands for those who might drown out in a sea of a million voices. 

Fierce spirited and deeply motivated, Castelli’s vibrant, catchy and lyrically heartening compositions are self-described as “therapy.”

She lives by the inspiring message, “If I can help someone be stronger or move someone through my music then my mission is complete!”