Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows


Just listen to us once and you're hooked. Come out and see us live and we'll captivate you.


I'm Jesse and that's my sister Emily, and Shawn has been my friend and drummer since we were in High School. I had been listening to my sisters songs, originally written acoustic, for a couple of years. I kept saying " We gotta get together and start a band. So, We started out in December 2007 just getting together to see what would happen. Since then we have successfully arranged ten original songs and are currently working on several more. We recorded our first Demo in Dec. 2008 and are currently booking shows. We really enjoy what we do and have a great passion for all music.


We recorded a demo CD called "When We Wake" with 11 tracks.

Set List

Our typical set consists of a mix of originals and covers. We have about two hours of music. Our sets are about 40 min. to an hour.