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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"CASTLE BOYZ takes ATL by Storm..."

“No matter what is said, the C.A.S.T.L.E. Boyz got the FIYAH and are definitely CRUNK. We will be supporting them for years to come.” ~ DESMICK PERKINS, Publisher of Crunk Magazine (featured in Jan/Feb. 2005 Issue) – www.crunkmag.com - CRUNK Magazine

"CASTLE BOYZ - The Kings in the UP NEXT section"

“C.A.S.T.L.E. Boyz are truly kicking the KING Sh!t out of the ATL and these KINGS are destined to be crowned.” ~ VicXL, Publisher of Hiphop Encounter Magazine (featured in Summer Issue) – www.hiphopencounter.com - Hiphop Encounter Magazine

"ATL Reviews"

“I had the opportunity to see CASTLE BOYZ in New Orleans do a show and they stole the show away from the headliners - 5th Ward (who got signed on to Fubu's label). That’s just how HOT Castle Boyz are! Found out later that Fubu got a chance to see Castle Boyz in a HOT 97 showcase. Guess they should have signed C.B. then.” ~ Carlos, Creator of igetznoplay.com - IGNP Extreme Media

"FEATURED in Hustle Section"

National magazine who placed their complete bio info. - TRUE Mag

"Feature Interviews Coming Soon"

Look for interviews in upcoming issues of:

StreetMasters Magazine – www.streetmastersmagazine.com

DV8 - www.dv8magazine.com/

BREAK - www.breakmagazine.com

- StreetMasters, Break Magazine, DV8

"SPRING 2006 - ATL's HipHop"

Spring 2006 Castle Boyz were interviewed by Emory about ATL HipHop and what the HipHop Culture means to them. Skoop was quoted, "Everyone has their own swagger and ATL has a distinct style yet still diverse with displaying our style it's because of all the talent we have here."
J.K. continued by stating, "HipHop means different things to different people but one common thread is that we can take nothing and turn it into something where we can have the whole world duplicating trends we create, wether it's break dancing to wearing golds in your mouth. We grind and are hustla's by nature. Can't say that's not HipHop." - Quoted in EMORY STUDENT Newspaper - The WHEEL

"CASTLE BOYZ, Can't Stop the Reign"

True to form, the CASTLE BOYZ arrive for their
interview smelling like straight smoke, but that doesn't mean they're not focused. "You mess with them Castle Boyz, you're just going to have to open up your mind a little bit, says Young Skoop representing the East side of ATL. Pobode and JK represent the westside of Atlanta and Gainseville, respectively. And their styles are just as diverse as their ATL points-of-origins. King Ish, their recent street release, plays to the left of current southern crunk that's got the nation stuck on bounce mode. Instead they evoke a sound closer to old-school Atlanta, with edgy, after midnight tracks like "Fire in the Hole" and "Like Sum Geez." - ROLLING OUT SPOTLIGHT, March 2005

"Castle Boyz - best review in the issue"

Gave 3 out of 4 marks...
The makeup of this album is solid ORIGINAL production, lyrical presence and a show of versataility, which Castle Boyz could have been followers and did the A typical completely crunk album but didn't yet they have a couple of tracks that are crunk, they showed on this album that they are ready to break away from the pack to get their music to other regions of the county and go international. The tracks our staff bump the most are: The album's title - King Ish (laid back and a definite rider track), We Gone Smoke (need we say more), Straps and Raps (high energy, lyrical, reality and gangsta, Pay Da Piper (buck and gangsta). King Ish is a great listen and should be bought if you are into southern Hiphop with a well rounded old but new twist to it. - NEW POWER MAGAZINE REVIEW


C.A.S.T.L.E. Boyz a.k.a. C.B’z are the best example of what music lovers across the globe have come to expect from Atlanta artists. This three member group welcomes the challenge of being one of the groups that keeps the world's eyes and ears on the ATL music scene. Three unique styles of rap flow from emcees that can stand alone on their own talent. Being that all three members are born and raised in different parts of the Atlanta area, PoBode from the west side, Skoop from the east side and JK from Gainesville; they feel it's their responsibility to be one of the stars that's shining light on their city.
Like most young black men from the inner cities and impoverished areas of America, these guys are not unique except for the fact that they see the music biz and their talent as a way out of the street grind. With all of the "traps" and pitfalls out there to get a young black man caught up and locked down, one of C.B'z motto is "Stay free or die trying." "The whole reason for getting in the rap game is to leave all that other ish behind. Now n**gaz get signed, get that rap money (royalty checks) rolling in, go and get jammed up and throw it away by going to jail on some street ish…that is lame as hell and ass backwards. "
What is truly amazing about this multi-talented trio is that they make it their mission to give shine to other independent artists, featuring them on their Hood Bussin' mix tape series, Club Hoppin' DVD, Hood Bussin' DVD and weekly night club showcase, Hood Bussin' Sunday's @ Club Aquarium. You can catch these brothers on the streets of the "A."
- DV8


KING ISH - Street Album released October 2004
Single "King Ish" and "We Gon' Smoke" played on radio.

HOOD BUSSIN’ – Mixtape Series 2005 – present
Releasing street singles like "GRAIN GRIP" and "ON DA STREETS"
Currently – Hood Bussin’ is on volume 7

Featured on mix CD's in ATL, TX, NY, OR , TN & CALI:
DJ MIQUELS - The ONe Vol. 2
ATL: Hiphop Encounter Vol. 2
DJ SOLAR - Dirty South Ballin Vol. 2.
NY's Entrepreneur's Inc. Vol. 2
DJ Fresh - Cloud 9 Vol. 4, Vol. 6
BIG YO presents Legal Hustlin' vol. 1


Feeling a bit camera shy


Country. Ass. Slick. Talkin’. Lifestyle. Everyday. Boyz is the meaning of their name as well as their way of life. C.A.S.T.L.E. Boyz or C.B’z for short have evolved into a group that is the best representation of what HipHop was in it’s beginning and is today: hard, honest, fresh, fun, sexy, thought provoking and informative. C.A.S.T.L.E. Boyz consists of three members: PoBode, Skoop and JK da Flame and are real people, not comic book style characters or some PR persons concoction of what they think rappers should look like, act like or think like. These three brotha’s give you true life, not some fairy tales.

Their talent as skilled writers put vivid images of their everyday hood life stories in ones’ head in a way everyone can relate. Their first album release, King Ish gave songs like “Straps & Raps” where they touched on the rap phenomena of turning rap battles into gunplay and street violence. The hook stated, “Straps and Raps don’t confuse it, if it’s beef, it’s beef, if it’s music, its just music.” With the emphasis on its just music, they drive home the point that the rap battle historically is HipHop and to take it to the streets and get killed over something as harmless as playin’ the dozens is plain stupid. And their music spoke for itself with relationship songs like “What Would You Do?,” the G’d up song “Like Sum Geez”, ridin’ songs, “King Ish,” and “We Gon’ Smoke,” the pimp song “Pay to Play,” and the crunk, club joints, “Burn it up, Shut it down” & “Git Right.” All of which will make for a very well rounded first project. Since then, they have released a series of mix tapes, titled "Hood Bussin', which definitely has given HipHop music lovers some classic material. When creating this mixtape series they didn’t want to be another rap group putting out a so called mixtape, basically a compilation of their own music instead featuring up and coming independent artists. Having a good ear for music, they have broke new artists and have the streets declaring HOOD BUSSIN’ is a true version of a Southern Mixtape. Currently, they are prepping for a new album and are testing a few singles - “Can’t Be Yo Man” and “Jig.”

All of the members of C.B’z hail from in and around ATLANTA. Skoop coming from the Dec (Decatur, Georgia), PoBode coming from the S.W.A.T.S. (SW Atlanta) and JK da Flame from Da’ Ville (Gainesville, Georgia). Together they have been working hard at their craft since 1999 sharpening their lyrical, studio and stage skills while retaining one of the most important attributes rare to find in this industry…a genuinely humble attitude. "We appreciate everything that comes to us, 'cause we know ain't nothing good suppose to happen for anybody; anything you get is a blessing." Becoming very astute students of the music industry, watching other local artists learning from their mistakes as well as successes has led them to higher accomplishments and they have worked hard to show Atlanta and the nation that they are one of the best Hiphop groups to come out of ATL since Goodie Mob and Outkast.