Castle Grayskull

Castle Grayskull


people say we sound like darkest hour but when we get on stage we make people feel the way that wanna feel because we feel the feelings they are feeling. We like to feel our audiance, deep and hard!


Hailing from the small town of Fairmont, West Virginia, Castle Grayskull signed to Standby Records in early 2009 and later went to Chin Music Recording Studios in Cleveland, Ohio to record there debut full-length entitled “To Live As Brutes” to be put out late 2009 / early 2010. With a destructive live show and a sound that hits you in the face these guys are going places…and fast.


Spider Fights

Written By: Castle Grayskull

So much for decency we let things get out of hand (we let things get out of
hand) If gossip were alcohol you wouldn't be able to stand

Where do you get
off! This isn't what you thought of first I've been given all that i can and
something got to give

This life i use to fucking understand i wasn't the man
that my father taught me having the world in my own hands wasn't good enough
for this old man

Keep pushing forward never look back go for gold
salvation is my home.
I will never change a goddamn thing about me or how i

I will let this be know, i will not be taken for granted

I cast the
ships to the seas, with sickness and disease. Through the ports of greed!!!


Chill Son E.P. (08)
To Live As Brutes (2/10)

Set List

Snake Venom, Krank Sanatra, Dan The Man Marino, Spider Fights, The Chokey, Mad Katz