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Prestatyn, Wales, United Kingdom

Prestatyn, Wales, United Kingdom
Band Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Perceptual postcards from the future"

Forget the physical hassle of the Benthamite panopticon and enjoy the wonders of multidirectional surveillance through our Spook-Cloudtm. A zillion dust-mote sized nano-sensors ride invisible layers of air to capture three-dimensional reality from all directions, and beam it into your brain so you don’t just know what is happening in the room, you ARE the room.

The corporate espionage demo that we are showing you today depicts a tableau of moody intrigue, two people in a room, staring at each other in silence, she holds an envelope in her hands, he smokes a cigarette, you fly through clouded skies. Compare the Spook-Cloudtm feedback with a conventional CCTV or 3D diorama, static planes become dynamic vectors as we register thermal shifts and heartbeat BPM modulations, she blinks, our dust-mites skate over her retina, he breathes deeply, we slide through his respiratory system, into his heart eventually. It takes our software models less than a second to compute the truth: they are in love, they are doomed.

Castor has sent us an awesome bunch of abstract Phil Dick noire stuff, blurry snapshots from the hidden dub-lands that lay beyond the iron curtain. - 20jfg





I have nothing to declare but my genius...